Getting Your Home Ready For Autumn

It may seem strange to be talking about getting your home ready for Autumn and Winter when the sun is shining and we are in the middle of a heatwave, but like most things in life, we often need to plan and think ahead in order to be prepared. Summer is actually the best time to look at your roof, your guttering and your drains, as these are the sort of job that can be far more difficult to put right if you find them in Winter.

Check that roof

We had an appalling Winter in 2017/18 and this has seen lots of roof damage. Tiles may have slipped from their position, or fallen from the roof completely, and this can lead to leaks and damage internally and can also be a cause of damp in your home. In addition, loose tiles are dangerous as they can fall off at any time, leading to a serious injury if someone happens to be walking by.

Take a good look at your roof while the weather is good and replace those loose and damaged tiles. Chimneys can also be checked at the same time.


The hot summer can lead to drains becoming rather smelly and unpleasant, especially if food or leaves are causing a blockage. There can also be problems that stem from the central drainage system in your street for much the same reasons, particularly if there has been a build up of leaves and waste.

There are some drainage problems that you can solve yourself, but for anything more complicated, you can seek help from drainage services who will look at your issues with a professional eye. Drainage issues need to be sorted in Summer, before Autumn brings more leaves to blog and clog them.


Your guttering is something else you should look at in Summer. Blocked guttering can also be an issue that can cause damp in your home, with leaves and things collected and dropped by birds causing issues. You can take a look yourself if you have a long ladder, otherwise there are professional services who can clear your gutters and check down pipes.

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