Living In Recovery And What You May Not Know

For persons who have experienced substance abuse, living in recovery is the process of upholding your sobriety and making daily decisions every day to get progressively better. Living in recovery does not necessarily have one definition  but rather has many facets and can encompass the following:

  • Recovery is not just a lack of substance abuse

The first step to recovery is identifying that you have a problem and finding the willingness to change and resolve it. Take alcohol abuse, for instance. You can take all the measures needed to cut out alcohol from your life and be at a place where you are not drinking every day. This is excellent, but recovery takes it another step further to dig deep and understand what led you to drink in the first place. It involves putting in the work not only to improve your physical body but your emotional and mental health as well. Often when a person abuses certain substances it is done in a bid to cope with an issue. Therefore taking the time to nurture and heal your emotional and mental being will put you in a better wholesome state, where you do not feel the need to lean on substances as a mode of escape.

  • It is a daily journey

Living in recovery is a process that may probably continue your whole life. It involves taking life one day at a time and being extremely patient with yourself. It also requires a lot of self-awareness in a bid to understand what were your past triggers and how to avoid them. It is a process that will entail unlearning all the bad habits that have cropped up through the years, and learning mechanisms such as healthy emotional regulation and breaking off mental patterns that previously kept you in a react mode. As such, it is completely okay to find all the support that you need, be it in the form of a group of people also in recovery, or when you need to check in to a. For instance, at this addiction treatment NJ center, you can receive a wide array of care and support for any substance that you are in recovery from as they have several services offered for your aid.

  • Honesty is paramount

Recovery can be challenging but for it to be sustainable you must remain honest. You have to be honest with yourself and the support system that you have to enable them to provide all the help that you need. Facing your challenges and admitting that you are struggling can feel scary, but it is the bravest and most beneficial thing that you can do for yourself. It can be of help to find other people as well who are also in recovery and get to share experiences.  Realize that you are not alone and that while the journey is not easy, it can be done. With the support from your friends and loved ones, you can live the happy healthy life that you desire.

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