Looking After Your Aural Health

It’s funny just how much we ignore our aural health. We go to the dentist in order to make sure our teeth are kept in tip top condition, we have regular eye tests just in case we need to wear glasses. If you’re looking for a reputable dental clinic, visit this popular cosmetic Dentist in chesapeake. If we have back pain, or pain anywhere else on our body, we will seek medical help, but our ears, how often do we really think about our ears?

Our ears suffer every single day – through loud noises in our every day life, through stress, even through the way we try to clean them (ear buds anyone?). We play loud music through small earphones and larger headphones that is often far too loud, and we often don’t think that our ears need time to recover. How many of us ever use noise reducing headphones in any situation, even if they have been recommended. And, if we are suffering with our ears being blocked with wax, how many of us seek effective treatment rather than pushing it further into our ears with our fingers or ear buds? Clearly, we are not doing the best for our ears.

So how can we do better?

Here are a few tips that can help you to protect your ears from aural problems.

Tackle that ear wax

Ear wax is a problem that can create a whole range of problems for your ears. This can range from the irritating- making them itch forcing you to scratch and push your fingers into your ears, but can also be more serious, causing a blockage that can actually affect your actual hearing.

Getting your ears syringed by your doctor used to be a solution, but many are now reluctant to do this. You can, however, seek professional help through a professional aural clinic that offers ear wax removal through Microsuction

Remember, your own attempts at cleaning your ears could actually make the problem worse, so make sure you only allow a professional to probe your ears.


If you work in a very noisy environment, or attend a lot of loud music venues and concerts, you may be subjecting your ears to situations where they are being damaged. Wear ear protectors when you can, and if you do attend an event with loud noise or music, then make sure you give your ears time to recover. Also make sure that any personal music you are listening to is not too loud. If anyone else can hear your music from any personal device, then it is too loud.

Keep your ears dry

Obviously it is very easy to get water in your ears – through showering, swimming, bathing etc, but you must make sure that the water does not stop in your ears, they need to be dried thoroughly. Some of the worst earache I have suffered has been due to water in the ears, so make sure you don’t allow this to happen.

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