Looking After Your Dog With Hill’s Pet Nutrition

Owning a pet dog brings lots of responsibilities. Regular visits to the vets for check ups, and lots of walks to keep the animal fit and active are very important to the well being of your dog. But the most important factor that governs the health of your dog is their diet. Good dog food is important in terms of making sure they have a well balanced belly and do not become overweight, which can cause lots of problems in terms of their legs.

We all know that their is nothing worse than a dog with an upset tummy. As well as the obvious discomfort for the dog, there are the unpleasant smells that the rest of the house has to put up with. This, combined with the fun of trying to clear up the mess at walk times, can lead to an all-round unpleasant experience. This makes a good quality dog food important.

Holly our Bichon Frise is well known to readers of this blog, and does have a delicate stomach, not helped by constantly trying to eat grass and other things that she really shouldn’t. Recently we have started trying Holly with Hill’s Pet Nutrition.

Science Plan food, starting with the Canine Adult Light with Chicken. This is food that has been specifically formulated to suit a small dog, with precisely balanced nutrition to help maintain ideal weight. It also contains clinically proven antioxidants and L-carnitine and has been formulated to keep the dog filling filled and satisfied in between meals too.

The Canine Adult light food is something that you gradually introduce into your dog’s diet over the course of a few days, mixing with current food bit by bit until your dog is totally secure with the new diet. Holly seemed to like the new food straight away when it was mixed with her current wet food, and has had no stomach problems during and after the change.I was also pleased to see that all the food groups were addressed by the food, and that it also contains all the vitamins to help keep the eyes and coat healthy.

I’ve been really happy with the food so far. Holly is not particularly greedy in general, but does tend to beg between meals and this has lessened with the introduction of the new food, and there have been no noticeable side effects of stomach issues since the food was introduced, so this should lead to a happier healthier dog.


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