Looking After Your Lawn

We’ve had the most incredible Summer so far. It has been hot, hot, hot and there are suggestions that it has had the least amount of rainfall in years, which is great news for those taking holidays in the UK, and for the sun worshipers out there, but not such good news for those those who take a real pride in their gardens. Because if there’s one thing that this Summer has ensured, it is that our lawns look parched and dried out.

I went to a car boot sale last week, and the field it was held in was just so dry and hard. But with hose pipe bans in operation in some parts of the country, our beautiful gardens are going to need a lot of TLC when the Summer finally ends. Garden experts Radmore and Tucker have put together some tips on ways you can help your garden regain its best, both right now, and into the Autumn season.

Cutting your Lawn.


You need to avoid cutting your grass too short when it’s very hot, as this can cause the grass to lose its nutrients. A good suggestion is to leave your grass 30mm high and water it if required. You can also use a mulching mower, such as the VIKING 5, 6 and R Series mowers as they provide an ideal natural fertiliser for your lawn. Keep any watering until after the sun has gone down.

And In Autumn

You can actually mow less frequently when the weather is dry and Autumn is the perfect time to fertilise your lawn, particularly if the lawn has been mulched, but be aware that you will not  see the effects until the following Spring. With the last cut of the year, leave the grass slightly higher than normal.

Keep it looking neat and tidy

Remove those weeds that spoil your grassy areas – this does not need to be done with tools, just pull them out by the roots and compost them. If you find you have quite a few weeds, you may need to add some weed killer in specific spots.

Lawn edges need to be kept tidy – straggly edges basically undo all the good work of a neat lawn. A great tip for uniform edges is to use some sort of tool  and then to cut against a plank of wood or for curves, edge along an old hosepipe laid on the ground. This will give you that wonderful straight edge.

Look for Areas of Lawn that has sunk

If some of your lawn has sunk in the heat, you simply need to lift the top layer of grass and add some topsoil to bring the level up in line with the rest of your lawn.

Your garden may look a little desperate at the moment, but it won’t take long to bring it back up to standard.


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