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Making Merry with No Headache, Scotland’s New Beer Trend

‘Tis the season once again, and for many people, Christmas parties mean one thing: drinking.

But chances are that many Scots will make it through the season responsibly as 48% of Scottish adults recently polled are now willing to give alcohol-free beer a chance. The research shows that 49% of UK people think alcohol-free beer is far more socially acceptable now than five years ago.

With 59% of British people now feeling conformable ordering alcohol-free beers at restaurants and bars in front of friends, it seems that most of our after-party worries are reserved for our dubious dancing skills on show the night before. In fact, it looks like this guilt-free beverage is set to become a common sight on the festive buffet table in the near future. New statistics, courtesy of a ComRes survey for AB InBev UK, show that more than half of British men have tried alcohol-free lager. But why such a change in drinking culture?


49% saying they tried it because they were the designated driver for an evening, whilst 39% of UK men said they tried it out of pure curiosity. Instead of waking up achy and pulling on our regretful Christmas jumpers, are we actually drinking more responsibly now? Either way, a change is happening.

The most popular alcohol-free beer, Beck’s Blue, has seen a huge rise in sales. Jennifer Anton, Marketing Manager for Beck’s at AB InBev UK, has noted consumer demand for additional choice that, stating:

‘It is encouraging to see so many Scottish customers choosing to try alcohol-free beer. Offering consumers choice is an important part of our commitment to responsible drinking and we are proud to brew Beck’s Blue’.


So the image of alcohol-free beer is changing. It’s no longer Billy Connolly drinking his Kaliber in the ’90s.

It’s here, it’s now. It’s coming to the party. Perhaps it’s time we got some new dancing shoes.

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