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Making the most of your bathroom space

In previous posts I have mentioned that this is the year of home improvements for my house. Joe is now five, and the era of drawing on the walls, bouncing toys off the floor and generally wrecking the house seems to have finally come to an end. This means that the areas of the house that had got a little shabby and in need of love can now be addressed without the worry of spending good money after bad.

The first room we decided to tackle was the bathroom. We had made a start on this last year (you can read that post here) when we took part in a room for improvement challenge, but this March we decided to complete the job by looking at some of the bigger issues – the storage areas.

The bathroom stage one.
The bathroom stage one.

Bathroom Storage problems

I think the main issue with bathroom storage is often space. Bathrooms require a lot of storage, things that vary from towels to toothbrushes all need somewhere to live, and then there are all the bottles, lotions and potions we seem to accumalate. The problem is that in most houses bathrooms are often one of the smallest rooms in the house, and this means that we tend to store all those bathroom essentials elsewhere – towels in the airing cupboard anyone? Luckily, you can make the best use of space by adding a vanity unit to your room -either an upstanding, full length unit, or under the sink style storage.

Under sink storage is brilliant if you are short on space as it sort of transforms a dead area into a great place to store smaller bathroom essentials. Of course, this does depend on the size of your bathroom as vanity units vary in size from the very slim and streamlined, to huge, hotel style units.

slim and streamlined vanity unit.
slim and streamlined vanity unit.
For those bathrooms that have a little more space.
For those bathrooms that have a little more space.

I opted for an upstanding unit for our bathroom, one that combined both cupboard space and deep drawers for storing either towels or toiletries.



Other storage ideas

With space at a premium in bathrooms, I also think it is a good idea to utilise the walls with shelving units or cupboards. This is a bit of a minefield hower, especially if you have a small bathroom. We ordered a bathroom corner unit for the wall, but when it arrived it completely swamped the room – it was just far too big. We opted instead for a smaller shelving unit that fits the size of the room far better.


It is also a nice idea to use baskets, tubs and tins to keep things like hairbrushes, shaving equipment and cleanse and tone products all together – it just keeps the room looking neat and tidy.









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