Bathroom Luxury And Comfort for Everyone

One of my favourite ways to relax and wind down is to take a hot bath.  With the tub filled with my favourite bubbles from Elemis and Bodhi, with the door locked against the world, and by turning on the hot tap every time the water is in danger of going cold, I can wind away happy hours just relaxing, thinking about absolutely nothing in particular.

In contrast, when I need a quick wake up call, a shower is the way to go. Hot jets of water combined with a zesty shower gel can get the morning started, or can be a pick me up at the end of a long and tiring day. Relaxing or invigorating, it is true that we can take showers and baths for granted, not thinking that for people who suffer from chronic pain and disability, or with mobility problems due to ageing, these things are not so easy, with just getting in and out of the bath/shower a cause for problems. The real shame of this is that soaking in a bath can often be therapeutic for those who do suffer from the aches of chronic pain.

walk-in-baths-mainOne way in which your bathroom can still be a relaxing place which totally agrees with your therapeutic needs is with the addition a walk in shower.  A walk in shower is more easily accessible than one that sits above a bath, and can often accommodate a wheelchair if required. They can also come equipped with a bath seat to add comfort and ease to someone who may struggle with standing for long periods of time, or with balance issues. Walk in showers are an option that can be high quality and tailor made to suit a range of needs and to fit into an array of different sized bathrooms. With the emphasis on quality, but also on appearance, these are items that are not only practical  and helpful, but are luxurious and attractive too, making sure your bathroom is once again a haven of peace and tranquillity, a place to wash away the cares of the day.


If you struggle with mobility, or need the aid of a walker or wheelchair, look for bathing solutions that offer low level entry for showers, are spacious and roomy, and can contain a shower seat. If a shower is not for you, you can also find baths that offer walk in options,  come in a range of sizes and are perfect for those with chronic pain that is alleviated through hydro-therapy.

Bathroom Makeover Inspiration

For many, the bathroom is the one place in the home where you can shut out the family and get away from it all. It is a room where you should be able to relax, unwind, and soak in some sort of peaceful tranquility. When looking for new homes, many look to the bathroom as one of the key rooms, so if you are planning on selling your home, this is not a room to be neglected.

The good news is that a bathroom makeover can be affordable, with many places selling a complete white bathroom suite for under £250, leaving you with a good base to accessorize and stamp your style on. You will need to hire a plumber as this is not generally a job you want to be doing yourself, but luckily you can find good plumbing services on the internet and can soon be enjoying your new bathroom.

So where to look for inspiration? The movies of course. Film scenes that take place in bathrooms can be scary, sexy, or hilarious. Besides “lock the door while you’re in the shower” and “rose petals make a wonderful bath accessory” there are a few more things we can learn from films: décor tips. Whilst it is true that films have huge budgets to make every scene look the way they want, you can take away small features to make your bathroom look like it’s come straight out of a movie:

American Beauty

Photo: American Beauty (1999) screen grab

Photo: American Beauty (1999) screen grab

The Spa Bathroom

If there’s nothing you enjoy more than taking a long hot bath, you need to make your bathroom a soothing environment. Make small upgrades by investing in a rain shower head or adding lovely spotlighting. Large tiling and plush towels and robes will also give your bathroom a spa feel. Of course you can’t forget plants! Add some fresh flowers or make even a small tree to bring the calming properties of nature indoors. If your bathroom is not spacious enough, there are also bathroom suites for small bathrooms that you can purchase.

Pretty Woman

Photo: Pretty Woman (1990) screengrab

Photo: Pretty Woman (1990) screengrab

Tub for Two

Pretty Woman started a lot of trends and in the bathroom, it was the two-person tub. If you want to relax in luxury with your better half, add a gorgeously creative freestanding bath like this modern-style Maderno tub.



White Chicks

Photo: White Chicks (2004) screen grab

Photo: White Chicks (2004) screen grab

Make it Vintage with Wallpaper

This scene in White Chicks is better remembered for the bathroom design than what happened in the bathroom (in case you don’t remember, let’s just say it’s similar to the food poisoning episode of Bridesmaids). What I loved about this bathroom was the cute wallpaper that gives the bathroom a vintage feel—helped by the gold frames, of course! Wallcoverings can add a number of different dimensions to your bathroom décor: stripes can make the room seem bigger while embossed wallpaper has a vintage feel.

Photo: Elle Decor

Photo: Elle Decor


Ditch the Shower Curtain

I’m sure that after this Psycho was released it inspired a lot of people to get rid of their shower curtains in the bathroom. Personally, I prefer to have a door – I don’t know about you but the curtain wrapping itself around me gives me the willies! Shower curtains can look messy so instead opt for a sleek shower door, or, if you really want to be able to see what’s happening, don’t have a shower enclosure at all!

Photo: Homebase, £240

Photo: Homebase



Bath or Shower – which do you prefer?

It’s an age old question that can start arguments, divide families, and generally go unanswered. No. I’m not talking about whether tea is better than coffee (it isn’t, even though I love a brew), or whether X Factor can ever be better than Strictly (it can’t). I’m talking about whether a bath is better than a shower.

Shall we consider the evidence?

Showers are Great for Waking you Up

Is there anything better for getting you set up for the day than a shower? Those powerful jets of water are invigorating, exhilarating and refreshing. If you are definitely not a morning person, than a shower can be a great way of saying hello to the morning. However, if your shower is little more than a trickle due to low water pressure, you may need to install a shower pump. Stuart Turner shower pumps can address this problem, which occurs in a surprisingly high number of households, and will ensure that your shower is a refreshing experience.

Baths are so relaxing

In the same way that showers can wake you up, a bath is a perfect way of relaxing and shaking off the day. The fact that you can lie down in warm soapy bubbles, and that you can even buy things like bath pillows means that for many, a bath is the ultimate in relaxation. Add some soothing lavender oil, light some candles, maybe even grab a glass of wine or a book, and you can spend a lot more than 5 minutes unwinding and getting yourself ready for a good night’s sleep.

A shower is more hygienic

Many people argue that a shower is a far cleaner and more hygienic option due to the fact that the dirty water is instantly disappears down the plug hole. Many hate the idea of lying in bath water, arguing that, if you are really dirty, you are instantly dirtying the water and then lying in it – they may well have a point. There is also the fact that exfoliation  and body scrubs are far easier to use efficiently if you are taking a shower.

However…bath oils, salts and bubbles

But, it has to be said, that all the best pampering products, from bath oils, to all those seasonal  Lush bath bombs that everyone loves, can only really be used if you are taking a bath. Powerful jets of water from the power shower may be no comparison to a bath filled with bubbles and sparkle that is just calling for you to get in and enjoy.

A Shower is no mess

You have your shower, and then you switch it off and get out. No hassle, no mess. But consider the bath mentioned above, the one with the Lush bath bombs in it. Yes, glitter and petals look very pretty, but at the end of your bath, when the water has gone, you are left with a mess that you then need to clean, just when you are feeling all sleepy and relaxed.

A bath is better for aches, pains and the common cold

When you are not feeling well, a hot bath can make all the difference. Whether you have added eucalyptus to clear your nose, or arnica that will make aches and pains feel a little better, a bath can be therapeutic as well as relaxing those aching muscles.

So, where do you stand? Bath or shower?