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MOMA – A new idea for breakfast

I’m not really a breakfast person, but it is the most important meal of the day and one that really shouldn’t be missed out. Muesli is a great way of getting some goodness at breakfast time, but with very little time needed to create something nutritious and delicious. Now there is a new range of Bircher Muesli on the market that is offering something different in both flavour and the way you eat it.


MOMA Bircher Muesli is a gluten free range that contains no added sugar. It is an oat mix that contains fruits and seeds including raisins, apple. sunflower and pumpkin seeds, coconut flakes, raspberries and blackcurrants. A single serving of Bircher Muesli provides 1.5g of Beta Glucan, half of your daily suggested amount.

My husband has been trialing the Bircher Muesli in the raspberry and coconut flavour, both for a quick breakfast served simply with milk, and also has an afternoon snack if he is peckish after finishing work.  The quick soak version for breakfast with skimmed milk is a filling and delicious meal, taking very little time in preparation, which would make them a great choice if you are trying to get the kids ready in the morning, or often eat breakfast on the run.


But there are other, admittedly more interesting, ways to prepare your Bircher Muesli. MOMA gives you a recipe idea on the box that should still only take 5 minutes, the involves using natural yoghurt and apple choice rather than milk and literally involves added your oats to a bowl with the yoghurt and milk, and leaving it all to soak for five minutes. This version is great for people like me who are not overly keen on muesli, as it adds a bit of sweetness and zest to the flavour. A further step, if you have a few extra minutes, is to add more fruit to the mix.


I think Bircher Muesli from MOMA is a great mix of oats and fruit that offers a quick fill and fix in the morning.

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