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It’s Winter, and it is most undoubtedly cold, with a few places even enjoying a bit of snow today. With this in mind, I am going to ask you a question. What item in your wardrobe is your most useful at the moment? I’m guessing that quite a few of you have answered with your coat, with the mercury dropping so low. Some of you might be thinking jeans, and probably give the same answer whatever the time of the year. But I also know that quite a few of you will have thought about the humble hoodie. Warm, cosy, practical and versatile enough to be worn with pretty much everything these days, a comfortable hoodie can often take the place of a coat or jacket, looks great with jeans, and takes away the necessity to wear a scarf.  A good all round item.

I referred to it as a ‘humble’ hoodie, but these days there is really no reason for this to be the case.  Personalised clothing, whether this is with names or slogans added have become big business in recent years for all kinds of reasons linked to fashion, teamwork and occasions.  Personalised hoodies in particular, are useful and fun and can look the part for a number of occasions. A company like Yazzoo Personalised Clothing can address all your personalisation needs, whether you are looking for a single sweatshirt or hoodie, or enough for a whole family or team to wear.

Sports Teams and ‘Soccer Moms’

Personalised hoodies and jackets are a great, modern, way of creating uniform or branding your team. My son’s football team all have a hoodie that they wear for training when the weather is cold, and also when they are not playing – for instance sitting on the subs bench or out injured. Personalised team hoodies can have the players name or initials on either the front or the back, and can also have a squad number and a team sponsor.

These look super smart and help the wearer to feel part of a team. They can also be adopted by the managers and coaches and even the soccer moms on the sidelines at youth level who could wear one with the name of their child – i.e. Joe’s mom/mum.

Team Bride or Team Groom

In recent years, hoodies have become fabulous leisure wear on stag and hen nights and before and after weddings. These can be personalised with such slogans as ‘team bride’ and ‘team groom’ and also ‘mother of the bride’, ‘chief bridesmaid’ and ‘best man’.

Personalised hoodies and custom t shirts in this instance are not only great fun but can be chosen to match any wedding colour scheme. They can also be as subtle, or as ‘out there’ as you wish by selecting your custom font or colour. It could be beautiful, embroidered, calligraphy style signature name above a pocket, or bold print that spans the back of the hoodie, the choice is all personal.

A personal message

Of course, personalisation does not have to merely apply to putting your name on an item of clothing, it could also be adding a statement, whether it be to a t-shirt or a hoodie. The likes of Victoria Beckham, Katherine Hamnett (who famously wore a slogan t-shirt to meet the then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher) and Bella Freud have all made slogans cool and very personal, and this is something that you can do if you happen to have your own personal motto or mantra.

It’s a family affair

Sometimes it’s nice just to have something that is matching with the rest of your family. Maybe you are celebrating a special occasion and want a memento of this, or you are going on a special holiday and matching hoodies would be a nice touch. Hoodies with your names on them in your favourite colours will look cute and memorable and can be kept long after the special occasion is gone.

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