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The recent storm Desmond caused devastation in Cumbria, but in other parts of the country thousands of pounds worth of damage was also  caused. Fence panels were destroyed, gates ripped from their hinges and garden furniture basically written off as they winds pummeled and the incessant rain drove onwards, taking everything in its path with it.

One of the items that saw a lot of damage were greenhouses. These are flimsy buildings at the best of times, and many were subject to broken glass and plastic panels. In the past this would’ve meant one thing – you would have to get a new greenhouse, but these days you can find replacement acrylic glass glazing from companies like Simply Plastics. This is tough and durable, can be cut to size and claims to be weather resistant. It is also a much cheaper option than having to replace the whole greenhouse.


Simply Plastics have over 25 years of experience working with plastic materials and products, with clear knowledge and information to help you, whatever your requirements. Their services are not just limited to plastic for greenhouses, they have plastics and products for a whole range of uses. These include plastic windows for play and Wendy houses, splashbacks for kitchens and replacement shed windows. They also work with small businesses, creating gym and dance studio mirrored walls.

Another really useful service they provide is that of producing replacement fridge shelves, cut to size to fit any sort of fridge. A couple of years ago I dropped a glass wine bottle onto the glass fridge shelf as I put it in the fridge – the bottle was slippy and just fell with a thump. The shelf it landed on shattered a little like a windscreen. We ended up just taking the shelf out  and eventually got rid of the fridge – but this would’ve been another, cost-effective solution.


Did you sustain any damage to your home and garden during Storm Desmond?

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