Reviewed: Mistatera CBD Drops

There has been a lot of press recently about full spectrum Cannabinoids like CBD, and their usefulness in issues such as well being, pain relief and helping the immune system. CBD is the main substance in hemp plants, and has known healing properties that make it a useful addition to our everyday lives.

Mistatera have produced their own version of CBD drops which contain 5% CBD that has been dissolved in organic coconut oil. This is a way of helping the body two fold, as the CBD oil can help to give you increased energy, help you to sleep better, can give you aid if you suffer from dizziness and can make you feel happier and calmer, while the coconut oil is a superfood that can help to increase the good cholesterol in your blood.

About the product

Mistatera’s 5% CBD drops come in a 10ml glass bottle. This little bottle, complete with dropper actually contains a staggering 250 drops. As you only need one drop per day this is going to last you for most of the year, a real bargain for a product that costs less than £30. The product is a 100% safe and has been Laboratory certified for further piece of mind.

My issue

I wanted to test the product for a couple of reasons. Early this year I was diagnosed with anaemia which left me lacking in energy and feeling tired all the time. The irony was that although I was tired all day, at night I struggled to relax and get to sleep, hence meaning I had zero energy again the next day. Although I was given a course of tablets from my doctor which were supposed to have addressed this, I still struggled to get my energy levels back up. I wanted to see if I could achieve this through a natural product.

Using the product

I have now been using the product daily for almost 2 weeks and can already feel some positive results when it comes to sleeping. I use just the one drop per day twice a day, first putting one drop under my tongue when I have my breakfast. The taste is not unpleasant, it reminded me of a strong tea, and you leave it for a minute before swallowing. (I usually had a glass of water afterwards). The bottle also contains a spray lid if you would prefer to apply it that way. I then use a drop after I’ve brushed my teeth and night, when I am trying to relax.


I am definitely already feeling the effects of using the drops in a positive way. After a few nights I found that I was sleeping easier, waking up less in the night and far less restless. I am relaxing more before I go to bed, and then finding I can switch the day off easier than usual.

It was very easy to slot this into my diet, and I am just using it for general well being, but if you are using it as a treatment or pain relief, you can add more  one or two more drops and it will still be safe to use.