Reviewed: O’Keeffe’s Lip Repair

It is an interesting concept that as we sleep and rest our weary bodies, we can also be helping to soothe and restore it too. At night many of us apply lotions and potions to our skin in the hope that we can restore some of the lustre that long, tiring days can help us to lose. But did you know you could also be helping your lips while you were sleeping?

O’Keeffe’s, who are masters of heavy duty skin and beauty products have recently added to their lip repair range with the introduction of their overnight lip balm. This is guaranteed relief from the pain and the unsightly appearance of extremely cracked lips, something that many of us suffer with, especially when Winter comes.

The use of the balm is simple, you simply apply a layer of it before you go to sleep, and then you forget about it. Lips can start to show a difference after only a night, feeling softer and less flaky. The balm contains deep conditioning oils that help to restore and revive, hydrating your lips and adding moisture back where dryness may have taken over.

The Lip Balm itself is pleasant, with a soft vanilla flavour that is light and delicate, it’s not designed to make you lick your lips and make the problem worse. You only need to apply a light layer, and this can be done with your finger rather than needing an applicator. The pot is a 7gram one, but will last you ages due to not needing to apply a great amount.

O’Keeffe’s Lip Repair Overnight should allow you to get your lips totally kissable for all those encounters under the Mistletoe next month. It is available exclusively from Boots stores, along with all the other items from the O’Keeffe’s brand, and is priced at £5.25.

Definitely one to add to your Winter beauty must haves.