Fashion Focus: Annie Hall

As someone who is such a lover of fashion, and film fashion in particular, I feel almost embarrassed to say that until last week, I had never, ever watched Annie Hall. It had not been a conscious decision, I’d just never managed to catch a TV screening, was too young to watch it first time round, and had never caught it on a retrospective. But last week I watched it for the first time, and, like everyone else, was just fascinated and fell in love with Annie’s style in the movie.


Annie is of course played by the wonderful Diane Keaton, in a role that is probably her most famous. It is also true to say that her wardrobe in the film is as iconic as the role itself, and has been a source of inspiration for the likes of Alexa Chung, and for designers like Ralph Lauren. It is also a look that despite now being over 40 years old, looks modern, and ties in with our new found appreciation of thrifty style, of shopping your own (or in this case your husband or dads) wardrobe. It is also a nod to androgyny which is not about being sexy a la Marlene Dietrich, it has more in common with Charlie Chaplin if anything, with oversized pieces, bow ties, and bowler hats are being a major part of the look.


But while Annie’s look is definitely taken from the boys, and is admired be Alvy (Woody Allen) in the movie, it is not a masculine look. Annie is glamorous. Her hair is long and glossy, she adds pretty straw bags to her look and elegant scarves. She is a master of layering, and although the idea is that the look has sort of been thrown together, the actual effect is rather glorious, you only hope you could throw your clothes together that well and look that good, in every single look.

Annie Hall is the film for all those women who haven’t had a clue what to wear, and have grabbed something from ‘his’ wardrobe and wore it better than him. Annie, I salute you!

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