Fashion Focus: Charity Shops, Thrift And Vintage Finds

Even as the High Street as we know it seems to be in steep decline, the rise of the Charity shop as a permanent fixture seems to be on the rise. Lately, even bigger retail parks have seen the introduction of shops that can be classed as charity superstores, large stores that also sell furniture as well as clothes and accessories.

Bag Cancer Research

Skirt Acorns

I love charity shops, I love the thrill of finding a bargain, of finding something that is both brilliant, sustainable and cheap in terms of price, if not in terms of quality. I like the idea that your purchase is giving something back, and I regularly donate bags of my own unwanted clothing to Acorns, a local Midland charity that supports the families of children with life limiting illnesses. Charity shops are great fun, they are an excuse to have a rummage to find something unique, and many also carry vintage lines and finds that I consider to be real treasure.

Vintage blouses from Cancer Research

Beacon for the Blind

The Chldren’s Society 1960s vintage shirt

1970s St Michael blouse Scope, Velvet Armani bag St Giles

Silver Skirt Acorns

You can also find designer labels in charity shops,and although sometimes the price tag attached to these can be off-putting, there are still bargains to be found out there. I have found pieces from Marc Jacobs, Lulu Guinness, DKNY, Marni, Malene Birger, Tods and Clements Ribeiro amongst others.

Mac Vintage Burberry St Giles Bag 1960s vintage Acorns

Bag Lulu Guinness Beacon for the Blind

Vintage Blouse British Heart Foundation

I tend to do a trip to look around local charity shops at least once a week, and choose different towns each time. Current favourite hunting grounds include Cannock (decent quality stock and not over expensive), Bilston (lots of charity shops and as cheap as chips) and West Bromwich (an Escada polo neck for £1 and tons of cotton vintage dresses make this a fave). I tend to avoid weekends and go in the week when the towns are less busy and shops have their deliveries, and although many shops are now bright and shiny with laminate floors, I do not avoid the less salubrious ones, as these are often the best when looking for vintage buys.

My latest finds – Dickens and Jones Dress
1970s Vintage leather clutch

You can also find some great books, this is what I’m currently reading.

If you haven’t yet checked out your local charity shops, I totally suggest you do it, you may just discover a treasure that is waiting just for you.

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  1. Columnist William Vaughan once said, “An optimist stays up until midnight to view the New year in. A pessimist stays up to sure aged year basically.” I think your optimism is what helps you to find such bargains as I never seem to find anything, but will now be taking another look.

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  3. Vintage fashion has become so fashionable.Is it easy to buy online, do these sorts of shops have a website?

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