Clements Ribeiro Swan – quirky prints and AMAZING ambassadors

The wait is very almost over. The most anticipated plus size fashion collection EVER will hit stores and online on May 16th. Of course I’m talking about the latest collaboration between Evans and the fabulous design duo that is Clements Ribeiro, the collection that has already set Twitter alight and is set to have long queues and online meltdown once it finally goes live. For this is the collection that shows that plus size fashion can be forward thinking, uniquely quirky, and a whole lot of fun to boot.

For fans of previous Clements Ribeiro collections, this one is definitely a departure. The emphasis is on holiday and daywear, rather than the seriously luxuriant tea dresses and evening wear we last saw from the duo. There are still florals, but these are now large daisy prints and acidic brights. There are still prints, but now the influence of Surrealism, of Dali and Schiaparelli is apparent, especially in the gorgeously kitsch Lobster print that is showcased so wonderfully by ‘Arched Eyebrow’ blogger Bethany Rutter and Callie Thorpe, who writes ‘From the corners of the curve’  . And there is a swimsuit, a retro shaped gorgeous object that becomes totally sensuous when poured over the pin-up girl curves of modern-day Bettie Page, Georgina Horne, the face and figure behind ‘Fuller figure, Fuller Bust’.

Bethany in the Lobster Tee £39.50 click to visit Evans

Georgina Horne is stunning in this retro swimsuit.

From 1950s style shirtwaister dresses, to candy striped t-shirts that just say ‘Seaside’, lip printed outsize t-shirt dresses designed to be worn in a slouchy, sporty way, to graphic prints and zebra’s, this is a collection designed to be noticed. But what is making the collection even more special are the ladies who have been chosen to represent it. One crititcism of plus size brands is that they are prone to using models at the ‘tiny’ end of the plus size spectrum, 6ft goddesses who are as alien to the average person on the street as Kate Moss is, even if their clothes labels do say size 16.

So it is a brilliant move by Evans and Clements Ribeiro to look at the super-stylish, totally influential plus size fatshionistas who set Twitter and the blogging world alight with their thoughts on style, and their own, pretty amazing wardrobes. Step forward the aforementioned Georgina and Bethany and Callie, and also add into the mix US über bloggers Nicolette Mason and the ‘Curvy Fashionista’ Marie Denee, and you have woman who we can identify with, wearing clothes that would also be perfect for you and me.

Callie looks gorgeous in this 50s style dress

I love this flower power shift as modelled by Marie Denee £60 

Nicolette look tres chic in this Riviera Look 





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