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Reviewed – Rimmel 1000 kisses

I love lipstick. I adore people who can get away with that glossy red lipped look without looking like a clown, basically girls like the gorgeous faces of Rimmel, Kate Moss and Georgia May Jagger. Unfortunately I’m one of those people who just cannot carry lipstick off to any advantage, I feel naked  without mascara, but stick to a nude lip most of the time.

But when Rimmel asked if I would try out their new 1000 kisses, I must admit to being very intrigued. Because 1000 kisses isn’t a lipstick as such. Instead it is a lip tint which comes complete with a lip balm to add protection and softness to the lips. It also promises to be transfer proof, meaning that it can last throughout the day so you can kiss as many people as you like without leaving a red smudged trace.

I tried the ‘Stay Very Berry’ shade which is a lovely dark pink. This is definitely darker than I would normally wear, especially in the day, but I really wanted to test the 12 hour claim, so I tried it out on a very busy day when I wouldn’t  have much time for reapplying make up.

The first thing I loved about it was the fact that the applicator is just like a little marker pen. This makes life so much easier if you are one of those people (me) who struggle to apply lipstick or tints without using a brush. You quite literally colour in your lips! The tint has a gorgeous berry scent and flavour that does make licking your lips a problem, but you should definitely not do this as you need the tint to dry before you apply the balm.

Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Tint £6.99

Once your lips are dry, apply the balm. Don’t do this too quickly as the tint will then ‘tint’ the balm, so to speak.  The balm feels lovely over the lip tint, leaving your lips feeling really soft and conditioned. But it is the sheen which is the most impressive, your lips literally shine – it’s a very glam look.

And so to the important question, does 1000 kisses do what it says on the packet? Actually, yes it does. Once the lips are dry there was hardly any transference on cups, glasses or onto my little boys cheek. The tint  is also long-lasting, although I didn’t actually time it for 12 hours, it definitely lasted most of the day.  At just £6.99, I think this is a good little bargain product to add to your cosmetic collection.

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