Reviewed: Rush UK Trampoline Park, Birmingham

Wet weather. It’s the bane of most of our lives, particularly when it comes to those of us who have kids. How many weekends and half terms have proven to be complete washouts as, once again, the heaven’s open, and our kids are forced, once more, to stay inside. This is one of the reasons why Rush Trampoline Park, based in Kings Norton, is so good. It is an all weather activity, as it is all inside, and yet it is brilliant for both adults and kids to use to burn off that excess energy.

Rush is the last word in trampolining, if you love to jump and bounce, this is definitely the place for you. But it is not about simply bouncing about on a simple trampoline. There are trampoline courts reserved for dodge ball and basketball, there are pits filled with sponges for the softest of landings, there are games that have elements of Ninja Warrior and Total Wipeout attached to them, with trapezes and smaller trampolines to launch of when you jump. There are roads made of bouncy, hump style trampolines that take you from one end of the room to another. It is trampoline heaven and all so much fun, especially as the adults can take part too.

What I really like about Rush UK is the attention to safety – it is far more than lip service. All participants must wear the special socks that help you avoid slipping on the equipment, and there is a safety video that is a required watch for everyone taking part (your band is signed to show you have watched it.) Every single area is supervised to make sure their is only one person using the equipment at a time, and to help with jumping from the higher platforms or using the trapeze. The park operates a yellow and red card system for unsafe activity, and, just like football, after two cards you will be asked to leave. The great thing is the seems to act as a brilliant deterrent to avoid this sort of behaviour.

There are lockers available for storing your belongings, and these are free to use, so all the family can have fun together without having to worry about bags and purses (and shoes!), and there is also a nice cafe area that is very reasonably priced, although this did get very busy on a Saturday afternoon.

You can pre book Rush sessions in advance, which I would definitely recommend for weekend and half term use, it can also allow you to take advantage of the pre booking discount.

Rush is just brilliant fun for the whole family, and we will definitely be returning very soon.




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