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A good night’s sleep. We all know the benefits of getting 8 hours a night, how much better we feel and how much better we function if we have had our sleep, but for many of us, getting a full and good night’s sleep is, pardon the pun, a pipe dream. This can be for so many reasons, a struggle to wind down and switch off that leads to insomnia, or due to issues of chronic pain, which can often be worse at night.

I struggle to get to sleep due to pain. I suffer sinus issues which mean I often need to be propped up at night to help keep my airways unblocked, whilst I also suffer pain in the neck, shoulders and left arm due to Tendinitis which I have to have cortisone injections for. I often feel tired, but find sleep doesn’t come because every movement can lead to pain that wakes me up. So when I was asked to try out the new Sealy Spinal Alignment Pillow, which is said to help if you have problems with breathability and airflow, and is designed to support your head and neck, I was prepared to give it a go.

Sealy says

The Sealy Spinal Alignment pillow has a 7cm foam centre that encourages airflow and increases breathability through the night. The pillow has been designed specially to support your head and neck, by ensuring your spine is aligned perfectly while you sleep. Relieving any muscle strain, you can get a restful night’s sleep every time.

The first thing you will notice about this pillow is that it is stiffer than the average pillow, to the point that it might initially feel quite hard. This is to add the support that you need, in order to stop your head and neck from sinking (something that will leave you with pain in the morning). The shape and firmness of the pillow helps to keep you neck elevated so your airways are left clear, helping you to breathe more easily. The firmness is something you get used to fairly quickly, as the pillow does keep it’s shape, even after you have been sleeping on it all night.

I can definitely feel a difference with this pillow. I am moving around less in my sleep, probably due to the firmness (I’m no longer sinking into my pillow which made me move to try and breathe) and this helps me to have undisturbed sleep for longer. I also find that I now only need one pillow as this is quite big, I used to have to prop two or three up at a time to get some sleep.

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