Ride On Toys Are Fun All Year Round

In 2020 our gardens and outdoor spaces have been more important than ever. We were in lockdown and our world shrank to the smallest of areas, and this was even more apparent for our kids, who moved from being able to go to school and see their friends, to quite literally being stuck in their homes and gardens. This all made that respite, that one hour per day exercise in the great outdoors, and the time we could spend in our gardens, so much more important.

We were lucky to have some really glorious, at times, unseasonable weather that made our gardens a haven. And suddenly, items like scooters and bikes, skateboards and ride on toys like quad bikes and ride on cars became even more important, an exciting way to see our surroundings. My son went literally everywhere on his scooter, and we enjoyed exploring the land of our local (now empty) golf course, which also incorporated a local beauty spot. It certainly helped to keep us fit and active, and kill some time.

The great things about most ride on toys though, is that they are not dependent on the weather, they are fun all year round and are far more durable than the average toy. Some of the best examples of buggies, ride on cars, electric quad bikes and jeeps come from UK retailer Ride On Toys, who not only stock a wide range of ride on possibilities, but also stock names that would make even an adult car enthusiast weep with delight, Jaguar, Bugatti, Lamborghini and BMW amongst them.

Ride On Toys have so many brilliant points to recommend them for your children. They are a great way to develop hand and eye co-ordination, as well as helping your child learn about direction. They encourage them to step away from tablets and indoor games in order to get lots of fresh air and spend time outside. They are fun and exciting and allow you to have conversations about safety and safe behaviour. And they are also a great way of keeping fit and healthy. They can be used from an early age with simple ride on’s in the shape of emergency vehicles, and you can develop the fascination by moving onto more sophisticated, electric style quads and scooters as your child gets older. Plus, as already mentioned, they can be used in both Summer and Winter.

What’s not to love?

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