RTP, RNG And Slot Paylines Guide For Dummies

Although they don’t often take too long to grasp, the online slot world can still be a pretty difficult thing to truly get your head around. There are just so many different things to learn, and it is essential that you know the appropriate vocabulary in order to really get what you want from the reel spinning experience. 

This article will seek to explain some of the most questioned and important terms, giving beginners a base on which to expand their online slot knowledge. First up will be RTP, followed by a brief overview of what an RNG is, and also what slot paylines are for and the best way to use them – learn more at Umbingo.

RTP (Return To Player) 

First up is RTP – or Return To Player – one of the most important things to consider when playing any online slots. The term is indicative of the average pay-out associated to any given title, with it being given as a percentage that represents how many times you can expect to see a win appear on the reels. 

Anything above around 97% RTP can be considered very impressive and gives a pretty solid chance that you will walk away with at least a small bit of money. This turns into the opposite if you play anything with an RTP of below 94%, this is considered pretty bad and you would do well to avoid anything offering this. That is all the basics on RTP, make sure you take this into account when choosing your first slots to play as a beginner. 

RNG (Random Number Generator)   

RNG is also a phrase that you can expect to hear relatively often whilst playing or reading about online slots, albeit not to the same extent as RTP. RNG stands for Random Number Generator, a piece of technology that actually ended up revolutionising the whole slot industry – put it this way, online slots could not exist without it. 

Before the invention of the Random Number Generator slots had to use physical state mechanisms in order to turn the reels and make sure they were always landing on random options. With an RNG, however the reels are influenced by a never ending set of computer made random numbers, something that at once meant that digital technology could have more of a place in the slot world. 

Slot Paylines 

Slot paylines really are one of the most essential things to have a good understanding of before you actually start playing because this is the site on which you will make the most money, or indeed lose the most. A slot payline is basically a combination of icons that result in a win, and have got far more advanced as the years have gone on. 

Originally slots only had one payline, however now some games are offering amounts of up to 50! This means that varying combinations across the reel grid could end up meaning you win some cash, the only downside is you have to stake more to begin with.