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Save Some Money – Make Some Money

Yesterday was officially Blue Monday, not a celebration of the fabulous New Order song, but the most miserable day of the year. Blue Monday is the day when the money runs out, after getting paid earlier in December, we now find ourselves struggling to make it last all through January, and we have all those Christmas toys that are now being paid for as the credit card bills start to hit the door mat. Yes it is certainly not a day for smiles and laughter.

But if money is what is making you blue, there are ways to save and to make a little extra this month. Here are a few ideas for making the pennies go a bit further.

Clear the Clutter

January is one of the best times to have a sort out. You have to put all those new Christmas toys and presents away and this can mean needing to make some room, plus you take the Christmas decorations down and have a bit of a Spring clean at the same time. This makes it a perfect time for sorting unwanted goods. But don’t just ditch them. Remember the old adage that one mans trash is another mans treasure and sell it on. Look for free listings days on eBay, or, better still, avoid delivery charges by selling through local Facebook selling pages. These allow you to negotiate on price, and, because they serve the local area, you can arrange for items to be picked up. You can make some extra space and money all at the same time. Result!

Have a Flutter

If you enjoy online gaming, bingo or casino sites, then you should make sure to research for sites with signups offers or even no deposit bonuses.

Staying on the lookout for sites with lucrative offers including casino free spins, welcome offers and no deposit deals can give you a chance to make a little something out of almost nothing. Coupling a free spin with a no deposit if you can find it could be a little extra money you need to put towards your groceries or stow away for a rainy day. The best thing about such deals is you aren’t putting a lot (or sometimes nothing) on the line, so you don’t have to feel like you’re being irresponsible.

Make sure you are signed up for store loyalty schemes

Just this month I have received vouchers from Tesco and The Works as part of their loyalty schemes. These are points schemes where you collect points with each purchase, and they mount up without you even realising. You can then use the vouchers you receive to get money off your shopping, I don’t mind admitting I join every scheme, saving over £30 of Boots advantage card points that I spent on presents for Christmas. I also save Nectar points. Most schemes will also send coupons that give you money off items that are regularly on your shopping list, make sure you keep these in your bag when you go shopping.

Switch to a Budget Supermarket

It has to be said you can cut your shopping bill considerably if you switch to a budget supermarket. I love Lidl which I think has a great choice of food that also has the quality I like. I do shop at a range of supermarkets, but find I never get more for my money than when I shop at Lidl or Aldi. If January is proving tough, this could be a switch worth making.


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