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Whether you consider yourself to be deeply spiritual, or deeply sceptical. most of us would like a little insight into what our future holds for us. It’s human nature to be curious after all. We may dabble in looking into our future by visiting a fortune teller at the seaside, or by reading our horoscopes in the daily newspaper., or even by getting Tarot cards read. Now, with the launch of a new palmistry app, we may soon by able to find out about interesting things about our future by merely looking at our telephone.

What is Palmistry?

Palmistry (which is also sometimes known as chiromancy) is the art of foretelling the future through the study of the palm of your hand – aka palm reading. It studies the size and shape of the hands and fingers, and then also analyses the lines. The left hand is believed to indicate character traits and personality, whilst the right hand shows the direction your life has taken. (This is for right handed people, it is the opposite way around for left handers.) In terms of the lines, the palm has three major lines, the life line, the heart line and the head line.

Using the App

Palmistry HD and daily horoscope has been described as the ultimate fortune telling app. You can download it for both iOS and Android phones. The premise of the app is that you take a single photograph of your palm and then get detailed results about your health, love life, career, money and happiness.

The App is very simple and quick to install, I got it from the Google Play store and it was installed in less than a minute. It does state from the start that there are in house purchases when using the app – these are not hidden. Once you have the app installed you are then given a choice of doing a palm reading, or reading a daily horoscope.

The palm reading section is split into four areas, love and relationships, fitness and health, success and happiness, and career and money. You do not have to submit lots of personal information, just name, birthday and gender.

The options

The free option gives you the opportunity to have your life and head line read, but to get further information you need to purchase either the classic package for £8.99( this adds the heart and fate line information) or the premier package which also includes info on children, travel and something intriguingly called ‘special’ for £11.99.

It is not terribly difficult to get an accurate picture of your palm, but it did take me three go’s to get it clear enough for a reading. After the second attempt I was given some tips to help get a clearer image, I think it would be better if these were given straight away as they are definitely helpful.


The Results

The results came through very quickly, and are described as biometric data analysis. Now, if I am honest I was pretty sceptical about what the results would be like, but I was pretty impressed. My reading was eerily accurate when it came to the health section, and pretty close on the career and money, with lots of points that totally rang true. It was a little more problematic on the love front as it seemed to suggest I was about to find love after some time without it, as I am happily married this was a little puzzling, but generally it had more right than wrong and that impressed and surprised me.

If you think you would like to find out more about Palmistry HD, you could visit the website here. You could also find out more information on Youtube.


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