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Savvy mums do it online!

We’re so used to having the internet at our fingertips that the virtual world has become our 21st century reality. There’s very little that needs to be done that can’t be done online, whether it’s managing your finances, doing your weekly shop or booking a holiday. If you’re a mum, you’ll have precious little time to do everything you’d like so the internet can be a life-saver.

Here’s some favourite online cheats that help make mummy life that little bit easier.

Keeping in touch with friends

Gone are the days when an hour-long chat with friends over a cup of coffee was followed up with an hour-long chat over the phone. These days your conversation tends to revolve around Igglepiggle or Peppa Pig.

But this is a time when it’s more important than ever to keep your friends close.

Facebook may be old skool these days, but it’s a great way of keeping up with your friends’ lives even if you’re not as much a part of the action anymore.

Use What’s App to set up a special group so you can virtually chat with your mates at any time of day. . .or night!


Having fun

Nights out on the town and trips to the cinema to catch the latest releases have been replaced with late night feeds and trips to Mothercare. But the internet is the place to go when you suddenly find you’ve got some downtime.

There are loads of online games to play from puzzles and problem-solving brain teasers to Candy Crush and bingo. Playing solo is one thing, but games like bingo have the added attraction of allowing you to interact with other players – and sometimes that’s just what you need after a busy day of babble.


Clothes shopping

For many mums, this once pleasurable activity becomes nothing short of a nightmare once you add children to the mix. Changing rooms become houses of horror as the reflection staring back at you holds little resemblance to your pre-baby body. Even if you’ve timed your expedition to coincide with nap-time, you’ll still feel under pressure to try on as many items as possible before your little darling wakes up.

Much better to surf the net and get the clothes to come to you. You can even order multiple sizes if you’re not sure what fits you anymore and, with free pick up and collection from most clothing chains, you won’t have to worry about delivery costs.



No-one wants a baby brain that’s completely unaware of what’s going on in the world, but there’s no way you can subject your impressionable child to the violent scenes played out on the news channel either.

Sign up to the Twitter feed of your favourite news organisation and get the news as it happens. You’ll never feel out of the loop again.

And for an added extra, check out the podcasts from one of your favourite radio shows. Listen to the World Service news hour, Noel Gallagher on Desert Island Discs or The Joy of Six which puts together the best bits from BBC Radio 6 Music.

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