Simple Hacks To A Stunning Living Room In 2019

As a mom, and a modern fashionable one for that matter, not only do you have to have a closet that is to-die-for, but also a career, a well groomed kid and partner, culinary prowess and a lovely home. Your home is your comfort zone, a place you can let your hair down, drink a glass of wine and momentarily escape the madness of the world and regroup, your fortress, your queendom, so why not turn it into a piece of art? Renovating, decorating and refurbishing  homes is a popular New Year resolution and as 2018 approaches, many are sifting through property magazines, pinterest and DIY blogs looking for ideas to jazz up their homes.

Contrary to popular belief, refurbishing a room does not necessarily  have to be expensive.  Just like there are hacks to staying fit and healthy,  there are hacks to creating a luxurious indoor space. If the plan is to turn your simple living room to one straight out of a magazine cover, incorporating stylish focal features in your indoors is the way to go this new year.

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Water Features

Indoor water features have become quite popular with architects and interior designers. Top of the list are indoor waterfalls and fountains be they figurine,  centered, corner, wall,  bubbling or tiered. Talk about bringing life to a room. Extra points if your wall fountain falls on a glass or colourless wall that gives you views of your backyard. Big fish aquariums with different  species,  pebbles and water weeds command attention. While the common placement of aquariums is on a wall or a surface, an underground aquarium gives the illusion of walking on water or an indoor sea. A water feature like a mini pond covered by a glass floor beneath a staircase  is breathtaking.


Your flooring or carpet can change the whole look of a room. Carpets tend to work well when you want to create a cosy setting, whilst wooden and laminate floors can look modern and be more rustic in living rooms and dining spaces. Light colours can help to make a room look larger, great if you have a small space. For an easy and effective way to keep your carpet clean and fresh, use carpet cleaning products regularly such as 1001 Carpet Care.

Indoor Gardens

The placement  of indoor gardens should be in rooms with proper lighting to avoid wilting. A green indoor decor garden, especially a horizontal one,  complimented with vines, climbers, bonsais and pearls,  gives the room a serene, relaxing ambience.


While stylish outdoor fireplaces for any backyard are all the rant this season,  indoor fireplaces are heaven sent. The heart of any living room is a fireplace. Evolution in architecture has brought with it elegant, fancy-looking, fireplaces that scream for attention  from anyone who walks through your doors.Tunnel, island curved and space creator fireplaces are to exceptional  choices.There are thousands of materials and colors to pick from such as granite,  marble and brick. Displaying pieces of art, assets or family albums on fireplace surfaces acts to spice it all up.


The significance of art pieces in interior decor simply cannot be ignored.  Paintings, sculptures, pottery, mosaic, drawings, caricature and graphics ooze class, realism and sophistication are a must-have for any stylish mom.

Detailed, colorful chandeliers, high ceiling walls, flower arrangements, cosy carpets, bean bag chairs and fur pillows are also great features one can use as focal points for their living room. So, make sure to get out your notepad for ideas, jot down a few fabulous design option, and go for it in 2018.

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