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So how much do you know about Olive Oil?

No, this is not a post about Popeye’s girlfriend, but a post about one of those kitchen essentials that we just seem to grab from the supermarket shelf without really paying attention to what we are buying. There can’t be a kitchen out there that doesn’t have a bottle of Olive Oil in it, but how do you choose your oil, and are you really choosing the right one for purpose? Jamie’s Italian restaurant have been pondering the same questions, and have produced a rather handy guide to all things ‘oil’.

As someone who is married to an Italian, and rather obsessed with salads that are slathered in Extra Virgin Oil and Balsamic Vinegar, it is safe to say that we always have a good quality extra virgin oil in our cupboards. (You can find our favourite salad here.) This is an oil that is perfect for salad, or for dipping bread into, and it does mix so well with balsamic vinegar to make a great dressing or dip. But other oils are so much better for grilling, frying or even for cooking your pasta in, so it certainly pays to have a few different types in your cupboard.

You can find out more about all the different types of Olive Oil, and where they are produced, by using the infographic below. Whatever your preference, it is certainly good practice to have some sort of Olive Oil in the cupboard, it is such a versatile product.

You can find the infographic in larger detail here.


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  • Lynne Harper

    I actually didn’t know that you can use certain types for different things, i either use to cook with or dip crusty fresh bread in, yum x

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