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Living off Grid – What Would You Miss?

For many people, the idea of living ‘off grid’ – that is, off the beaten track and away from lots of home comforts that we now take for granted, is becoming a more attractive proposition. The rat race that is modern life, tied in with the perils of 24 hour social media, and the ever present ‘keeping up with the Jones’s’ syndrome, mean that, for many, the idea of moving somewhere rural, and living a rustic lifestyle has real appeal. But what would you miss if you chose to do this? Flo Gas, who provide off grid forms of energy (you can find their site at if you are tempted), have asked this very question, and are searching for answers which you can share on Twitter with the hashtag #IWouldMiss.

Here are some things that I would find it hard to live without.


I could probably live quite happily without Facebook – particularly the sort of posts that say ‘share this if you love your mom, nan, little boy or goldfish type posts. But Twitter is a different story altogether. I am addicted to Twitter, for news, for hilarious accounts, for outrageous, outspoken people like Caitlyn Moran and Alan Carr. I love the abuse that Donald Trump gets on a daily basis, and how I can discuss #TOTP83 with like minded people at 1 am in the early hours of Friday morning. It would be so hard to leave Twitter behind, even for the relative tranquility of living off grid.

Sky Sports

Yes, I know I can get out and indulge in more sports living off grid, but I am far more of a watcher than a doer, and how else would I be able to keep up with my beloved WBA living in the middle of nowhere, or indulge in my passion for lusting over Arsenal’s divine Olivier Giroud. I can probably live without most TV programmes, but no Sky Sports could be the game changer that has me heading out of the hills.

WBA Allan Nyom
With my boy Joe Luca
With the Hubby

Footie Crush!


I love Prosecco. And, in suburbia, you can always nip to Sainsburys and get a bottle if you fancy some fizz. But in the middle of nowhere? It’s not that I drink it every night, but I do always have a bottle in the fridge just in case. And, what exactly is the fridge situation living off grid…I’m getting a feeling that this may not be guaranteed either. And that would definitely send me running back to the city, with my heels getting firmly stuck in the grass and mud!

What would you miss if you decided to live ‘off grid’?

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