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StorkUp – a new concept in shopping for kids!

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last couple of months, you couldn’t fail to have noticed that there is an exciting new concept in shopping for your little ones. StorkUp is a shopping platform that has been developed by two moms, Claire and Fiona,  who wanted to make shopping for children as exciting, fun and stress free as possible. And I, for one, think they may have found a way to do just that.

What is Stork Up?

As much as I love shopping for myself, I personally hate shopping for my little boy. Shopping for everyday clothes is pretty easy, I often do the lazy approach and pick things up in the supermarket. But when it comes to finding something unusual, or something for a special occasion – then I struggle. And find myself traipsing around endless stores trying to find ‘something’.

That is why StorkUp is a children’s product phenomenon. Imagine you could find everything you needed for your child, from clothes to toys and educational products, all in one place. And, imagine they were sourced from a range of stores and companies, from High Street faves like Boden and Mothercare, to unusual, unique products that would be hard to source online or find on the High Street. (Find a complete shops page here.)

StorkUp is great because it offers something for every child. It recognises that our children are quirky little individuals, and finds the products that appeal to their individual quirks. It allows us to create our own lists where we can store items for reference, a sort of wish list which we can dip into for birthday and Christmas inspiration, and also has a creative list page where you can find divine inspiration from other people’s ideas, totally taking the legwork out of shopping.

This gorgeous pirate ship is on my wish list
Love this - perfect for my new niece.

How to use StorkUp

If you are familiar with social networking, you can easily use StorkUp to its best advantage.  The ‘StorkUp’ button means you can add things to the online catalogue at any time. Just like Twitter, you can see the popular products from what is trending, and you can follow other people’s lists, people who maybe have the same taste as you, or a child of similar age. And the StorkUp Community promises to be the new place to ask questions, seek advice, and just have a chat about all things children, shopping and parenting related.

StorkUp is innovative, exciting and offers something new, with Christmas now around the corner, now is the perfect time to join in a mini shopping revolution. Your children will love you for it!

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