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It has to be said that a psychotic assassin, no matter how pretty or unusual, is a strange choice for a fashion icon. But Villanelke, as played so brilliantly by Jodie Comer in the BBC series ‘Killing Eve‘ is just that. I can’t be the only one watching in horror as she murders person after person and yet thinking ‘where did she get that dress?’

Villanelle’s wardrobe is a total wow. Effortlessly thrown together, this is not the all black wardrobe of Nikita, the last assassin come style icon, but is instead a cool and edgy mixture of top labels and fashion insider favourites, including Burberry (that blue dress she found in the wardrobe of one of her victim’s wives), Mollie Goddard, Dries Van Noten, Chloe and Miu Miu.

Villanelle may well be a no nonsense killer, but she’s one with a feminine side that is represented through her fashion choices, she also as a real sense of humour, the Mollie Goddard pink group from dress is more akin to something worn by the little girl she threw ice cream over in the first episode, than someone who can wipe out a whole hospital suite in a bloodbath that very same episode.

Jodie Comer is playing the role of Villanelle so well, making her the perfect foil for Sandra Oh’s Eve. That contrast is also echoed through the wardrobe choices of both women, with Eve always looking slightly dishevelled looking in a wardrobe of typical corporate pieces, whilst Eve is a fashion plate with the best wardrobe since Carrie Bradshaw.

Killing Eve is a sumptuous treat for the eyes and the senses, another brilliant programme with strong roles for female actors. If you haven’t seen it you can download the complete series for a binge right now.

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