Synvisc, drug for osteoarthritis

Even though people like to present old age as the golden age, it is a scientific fact that our body stops losing its function when it reaches certain point. We are no longer able to produce adequate amounts of substances to fuel our body and our cells, like any other matter in nature, slowly starts decomposing. This basically affects each part of our body making us prone to injuries, sickness and various issues and conditions. Among many different problems that can happen to elderly people, arthritis is the worst one.

Arthritis is inflammation of joints. There are numerous types of this disease; however, osteoarthritis is the most common one and it is among worst diseases that affect knees. Osteoarthritis gradually damages cartilage which serves as a pressure and injury absorber. In time, it starts eating it away leading to enormous amounts of pain, loss of function and swelling.

The main thing about this disease is that it needs to be spotted immediately. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative condition. As the time goes by, it only gets worse. Although we are not able to fully treat it or remove symptoms, we are able to contain it. If the patient discovers in on time, he is able to use combination of physical therapy, exercises, special diet, to change his habits and by using drugs such as Synvisc. All of that will allow patient to control it and prevent complete loss of function.

Unlike most diseases, it is still not thoroughly clear what precisely causes this one. According to doctors from Medica Depot and other medical professionals, osteoarthritis is caused by mix of different factors. Like any other condition, it usually targets people with genetic flaw. If someone in your family has had this disease, you will likely get it as well. However, the hereditary element is not the sole cause of osteoarthritis. People who have stressed their joints during a longer period of time (different sorts of manual workers and athletes) have higher risk of getting this disease. Sometimes, it appears as a result of an injury. Given that the disease can be treated by changing dietary habits and by using vitamins and calcium, it is believed that lack of these substances leads to osteoarthritis in the first place.

Gloria Gaynor suffers from Oestoarthritis


Pain in the knees can be enormous problem for all the people who are suffering from it. Although there is no medicine that can directly affect arthritis or a drug that can replenish the cartilage, by using Synvisc, we are able to inject artificial matter into the knees which will serve as stress absorber. Synvisc comes in a form of gel. When this gel is administered, we have substance which serves as a cushion between the bones. Pressure is relieved and there is no excessive pain to our knees. Use of this drug can cause allergic reaction to people who are intolerant to Hylan G-F 20. Synvisc side effects are redness, skin irritation, swelling, bruising, headache, dizziness, nausea, muscle fatigue, general tiredness, itching and trouble walking.


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