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For many students, a working holiday abroad during Summer holidays, or taking a longer working holiday as part of a gap year, are a right of passage – a really important part of growing up and becoming independent.

What we forget sometimes is tat the UK itself is also a popular destination for working holidays for the young, with bar work, working in house as a nanny, temping in offices, teaching and construction work amongst the most popular of the many professions which overseas students partake in. These allow young people to contribute to the society they are living in by working and paying taxes.

The Old Working holiday Visa is now called the Youth Mobility Scheme and is operational between the United Kingdom and many different countries, including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan and Taiwan. It allows youngsters between the ages of 17 to 30 a 24 month Visa, for 12 of those months they are allowed to partake in paid employment. Many find this a great way to fund their gap year or further travel, whilst gaining valuable experience as they live and work in the UK.

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There is currently a wealth of information about working holidays in the United Kingdom on the Lebara website. They have a great article that is totally dedicated to all the information you need on Working holidays in the United Kingdom. (Click HERE to read the article in full.) You can find out about the full list of nations that participate in the Youth Mobility Scheme, as well as opportunities to work with organisations and establishments like the National Trust, or Conservation Programmes.

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If you are considering a working holiday in the UK this summer, or think this is something you might consider anytime in the future, you will find all of your questions answered on the Lebara website.


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  1. I always wanted to work away after finishing college, but then I had a boy friend and didn’t want to leave, then I got a real job and it never happened. Now I have my own family to look after, its something that will never happen. 🙁

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