Natural Beauty from a Healthy Lifestyle

Becoming a generally healthy person requires gradual lifestyle changes. Good health is a priority and when you feel good, you look good as well. There are simple and effective steps that you can take towards enhancing your beauty from within while maintaining optimal health. Everyone can be healthy regardless of gender, age or current conditions.

Beautiful and Healthy Smile

Maintain a dazzling smile by protecting your teeth by brushing, flossing and visiting your dentist regularly. Be sure to choose a reputable one for the best services.  Do not ignore any face and jaw pain as this can be a sign of something more serious.The muscle that connects your jaw to your skull, the temporomandibular joint, can became misaligned, damaged, or inflamed causing Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, which is better known as TMJ. Sore facial muscles and jaw aches caused by TMJ can greatly affect your overall wellbeing by interrupting sleep and causing pain, but you do not need to live with this pain, as a good cosmetic dentist can have this sorted very quickly, and can return your smile and your regular life pattern.


Exercise is highly beneficial and you should strive for a minimum of thirty-minute workouts on a daily basis for the best results. There are different physical activities that you can choose from ranging from swimming to brisk walking. Exercising regularly is also good for your skin, energy and happiness.


Healthy Diet

Healthy eating is important although you can spurge on your favorite treats occasionally. Maintaining a healthy diet will improve your appearance right from within and contribute to helping you look great. All your meals should be balanced and nutritious.

The recommended number of balanced meals per day is three, along with healthy snacks in between for extra energy. Skipping meals is not an effective strategy because you may end up feeling hungry and binge-eating.

Make sure that you consume a considerable portion of vegetables and fruits each day. Avoid over-processed foods or food that contains a lot of fat because they compromise the efficiency of the digestive system.


Skin Protection

Protect your skin to ensure that it always looks clean and healthy. Keeping your face clean and using the right products will help you maintain beautiful skin. Regardless of the skin tone you have, minimize exposure to the sun. If you cannot avoid constant exposure, invest in a quality sunscreen product for sufficient protection.

Stay hydrated by drinking enough water. Water is vital for hydrating your skin and preventing it from drying or peeling. You should wash your face at least two times everyday. Gentle cleaners are useful for different skin types and help to prevent breakouts and other skin problems.

Using a lip balm will keep your lips moisturised and you can consider wearing subtle makeup if you want to enhance your facial features. Whenever you have makeup on, do not forget to remove it before you go to bed.


Proper hygiene is an integral aspect of beauty and health. Staying clean and fresh makes a positive and favourable impression in everyone you meet. Take a bath or shower everyday, wash hair as often as recommended and wear deodorant. Your hands and feet work hard everyday and should be given the attention and care they deserve. Keep the skin on your hands and feet healthy by moisturising them.



Finding A Healthier You

Becoming a mom is one of the most physically gruelling things you can do to your body, though sadly without the end result of washboard abs or a pert booty. When you have a young family, it’s so easy to let fitness fall on your list of priorities but this only leads to low self-esteem and even lower energy levels.. You can make the decision to prioritise your fitness regime, and one that works for you by making smart choices, and working out for a small period of time, every day. Here are some ways you can do so quickly, and effectively, even with a busy lifestyle.

Image by Sangudo used under the Creative Commons license.

Power walk to victory

Walking is the best thing you can do for your body to slowly build strength and fitness without putting unnecessary stress on it. If you can’t neglect your everyday chores to make time for a stroll, then build walking into your day’s routine. Park a few blocks away from the supermarket and make up the distance on foot. Walk the kids to school if it’s in the local neighbourhood, vow to take the dog on a brisk walk every morning, and make play dates with other moms for a stroll rather than a sedentary hour in the park. At the weekend, a hike is the perfect way for your family to get healthy together. Make sure everyone is well-equipped with good quality walking socks and boots, and work together to navigate to make it engaging.

Add a Multivitamin Complex

Our body does not always get all that it needs from our diets and lifestyle, so we sometimes need to give it a helping hand. Adding a multi vitamin from Epsilon Life could be the answer if we feel we need to give our immune and digestive system a boost. Epsilon’s Multivitamin and Mineral complex is Vegan certified, and  has, among other ingredients Iron, B-complex, Ginkgo Biloba and Ginseng. It will give you all the vitamins you need in one tablet, and not only will you feel better, but you will look better too, with healthier looking hair and skin.

Resolve to eat well

Your fitness is about 30% exercise and 70% diet, so the importance of what foods you choose to put in your body cannot be overstated. If you have a busy lifestyle, aim to eat small meals, often, to sustain energy and concentration. Ditch sugary, processed food, and anything you have been using as a crutch to get you through the day, whether it’s that third cup of coffee, cans of diet soda or chocolate bars. Exercise and a positive attitude will eventually replace these. Snack on fruit, veg, boiled eggs, nuts and cottage cheese, and whatever you do, don’t skip breakfast.

Many people are now turning to a plant based diet in order to improve their health and well being. Veganism is now seen as a way to not only improve all of their general health, but also to help save the planet too. If you are thinking of changing to a plant based diet, or want to see what effect certain meat products may have on your body and what they can be substituted for you could have a nutritional health test. has been offering customers affordable lab testing online since 2015. These can help to identify which meat or animal products are causing body irritation or what nutrients are lacking which may be addressed by adopting a plant based diet,  nutritional panel tests can also identify other common deficiencies in a broader diet. These tests are far cheaper than if you try to organise through a doctor and can really help you to achieve greater well being.

If you are based in the US and would like to organise a test, you can save 15% by booking through this link.

Make some time for you

You can power walk and chow down on granola bars all day long, but if you’re mentally frazzled, it probably won’t help much. Allocate a set time every day (or every few days) which is just for you. This might be an hour in which you go for a massage. You may want to indulge in an evening yoga class, or spend the morning painting. It could be a creative writing class, or a book group. Whatever it is that helps you reconnect with yourself, make time for it. Your sense of personal well-being depends on it.



7 Athletes That Inspire Us to Achieve More

Athletes are some of the most famous people in the world, which is why they are admired by millions. Some of these athletes have the power to inspire people and make them chant their names during matches. They have charisma that everyone is drawn to, along with their talent, and this is the reason they have a huge fan-following.

When we watch these athletes, we all get motivated to fulfil our desires and accomplish our goals just like them. We’ve picked our 7 most iconic athletes and their encouraging stories that will show how they came to inspire us!

  • Edson Arantes Do Nascimento — ‘Pelé’

When we talk about the greatest professional football player of all time, Pelé is the very first name that pops to mind. He was born in Brazil on 23rd October, 1940 in a small town called Mans Gerais.

Being the first son born in a very poor family, Pelé had to contribute at home to make ends meet. He worked as a servant in several tea shops in his town to help feed his family.

Pelé couldn’t even afford a proper football, so he used to stuff newspapers in a sock and tied it up with a string to resemble a ball. When this idea didn’t work, he used a grapefruit to hone his skills. Over time, his talent was noticed, and he played for various indoor and outdoor Brazilian football teams.

The 1958 World Cup was his crowning moment of glory which is still remembered by football enthusiasts. He was only 17 years old at that time and made a record as the youngest player to score an international goal. Pelé also netted a hat-trick that led Brazil to victory.

The football legend indicates that when victory is difficult, there is much more happiness in the win.

He is now a United Nations (UN) ambassador for ecology and the environment – an additional trait to this truly inspirational athlete.


  • Michael Jordan

When we’re talking about basketball, Michael Jordan is the name everyone remembers. Despite that, arguably the best basketball player of all time didn’t make it to his university basketball team. Of course, that doesn’t stop him from being a living legend. Also, he has the most successful streak of basketball trainers, and is a proficient businessman too.

Jordan’s achievements list includes 6 NBA championships, 2 Olympic gold medals for Team USA and he has won 12 All-Star championships.

By the time he retired, Michael Jordan was the most complemented basketball athlete ever. People often asked him about what motivated him to succeed. His reply was always the same: “I didn’t see my name in the list of university team.”

Every time he faced a challenge in his path to glory, he always remembered that list and this early failure motivated him to work harder.

Jordan said that he has missed more than 9,000 basketball shots and also lost more than 300 games. These failures become the key factor of his commendable success and that’s why he is one of the most inspirational athletes today.


  • Nadia Comaneci

Nadia Comaneci was the first female gymnast ever to receive the perfect score of 10 in an Olympic event. She was only 14 years old when she was crowned as the youngest Olympic gymnast all-round champion during the 1976 Montreal summer Olympics.

She also ended up bagging 3 Olympic gold medals in the same event and was later named “athlete of the century” by the Laureus World Sports Academy.

Nadia Comaneci was born on November 12th, 1961 in Onesti, Romania to an auto-mechanic dad and a prima ballerina mom.

At a very young age she started training and was recognised by Bela Karolyi when she was just 6 years old. After facing some tough competition she became one of the most renowned, talented and skilled gymnasts of her time.


  • Muhammad Ali

“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.”

This statement really fits the great legend – the late Muhammad Ali. Many also refer to him as ‘The Greatest Boxing Legend’ whose inspiring nature has stood the test of time.

He achieved almost every title by defeating every boxer in his era and his achievements are endless. The three time world heavyweight boxing champion made this inspiring impact by influencing million of fans worldwide. His fitness level, stamina and his strength are the key reasons behind his success.

In the later years of his life, Ali began his final battle. A severe case of Parkinson’s disease took hold of his body. As we know, this results in the inability to move the limbs properly. He stood up to the disease just as he had stood up to his opponents all his life and lit fire in the ring at the 1996 Olympics.

In this way, he became a supreme personality who successfully overcame physical and mental inabilities and emerged as the shining star that he was! Muhammad Ali remains one of the most iconic and inspirational athletes in the history of sports. He passed away in 2016 and fans all across wish for him to rest in peace.


  • Serena Williams

Serena Jameka Williams is presently the world’s number one female tennis player. With her outstanding athletic skills, she became one of the very few female tennis players to win all four tennis Grand Slams.

She also boasts 4 Olympic gold medals and became the top rewarded female athlete in 2015. In spite of having a long list of honours, the journey to the top was difficult.

There are many instances when the queen of court faced racism from fans and other tennis administrators. Many people criticise her strong physique and colour but Serena used this negativity as breakpoints in her life. This self-confidence and unbeatable spirit made her an admirable and inspirational athlete.


  • Jim Abbott

Born without his right hand, Jim Abbott proved that anyone can follow their dream if we stay focused on our objectives. The incident that shot him to fame is a baseball match that took place in 1993.

Abbott threw a no hitter in a game against the Cleveland Indians, which helped the United States to collect its first gold in the baseball Summer Olympics (1988).

Abbott’s career was far from perfect. He ended his career with an 87-108 record, a 4.25 ERA, and struck out 888 when retiring in 1999 with Milwaukee.

He described that there were some incredible highlights and some agonising lows. He recognised his success as a combination of special moments, lessons learned and a connection with people. His life-long lessons made him a rather streamlined personality. Now he is a motivational speaker who teaches the world how to use failures to achieve success.


  • Usain Bolt

The fastest man on Earth.

Usain Bolt is another great Olympian of this age. He has won 9 Olympic gold medals in one of the oldest and most competitive sport in Olympic history, sprinting. Not only had he dominated Olympic Games outside of it, he has been an absolute beast in world championships as well.

His world record of 9.58s time in the 100m, and 19.19s in the 200m still seems unpassable. His lightning personality off the track, as well as his signature bolt pose, has become the highlight of the last three Olympic Games. This eight-time gold medallist will always be featured in the list of all-time great athletes in history for his tremendous world records.

From the start of 20th century, sports have become such a big part of everyone’s life. All the major sports categories started to grow with live TV coverage after World War II and since then, we have witnessed some of the greatest athletes who dominated their respective sports.

Maybe we can’t all sprint as fast as Usain Bolt, but it’s undeniable: fitness inspires. It’s a mood-lifter. Whether we’re going out for a run, utilising a personal trainer, attending fitness classes, or going the extra mile on fitness retreats, we can share something in common with these sporting legends: we’ll do our best.