Art Deco style – The Ultimate Christmas Wish List…

I don’t mind admitting that I am a real Art Deco girl. In my dream world my house would have a flat roof and geometric edges,my colour scheme would be black and White and all my jewels would have previously been owned by Wallis Simpson in the 1930s. I love the Chrysler building, the Hoover building, Saltdean Lido, The Electric Palace on the Portobello Road and every single bingo hall converted from an Art Deco cinema. In short, I’m in love with Art Deco. Which is great this season, when there are 1930s influences to be found on a whole range of clothing, accessories and gift ideas. Here then, is my Christmas list.

Articulated Art Deco earrings 

Feather embellished dress £95 


Art Deco Curve Jewellery Box 

Art Deco Sterling Silver Circle & Semi-Circle Brooch/Pendant 


Arlo Wool Funnel Coat £210

Pretty Perspex Purse £100 

Silver Simmons Clutch £75 


Winter Bex Beads Dress £185 

wine coloured sequin top £12


Art deco pencil dress £38 


Art Deco London £9.69 click to visit Amazon


Princess Marina – The first Duchess of Style

We live in an age when royal princesses can be seen as style icons. Princess Diana, Princess Margaret, Princess Grace of Monaco  and Queen Rania of Jordan have all been admired for their fashion choices and style, and it seems that Kate Middleton is about to join their feted ranks. But the original style Princess is hardly remembered today. She was Princess Marina of Greece, who married Prince George, the youngest and most handsome son of George V in 1934 and became the Duchess of Kent.

Marina was a tall, beautiful women with an impeccable sense of style. No ingenue when she married the Prince, but an independent women of 28, she became a beloved icon of style for both the general public and the fashion magazines. Her tall, slim frame was perfect for the long bias cut dresses of the 1930s, and, along with Wallis Simpson, she epitomised the elegance of the decade, bringing some much-needed Hollywood glamour to the British Royal Family.

Marina and George became the glamorous couple of the royal family in the 1930s. Her photograph often appeared in Vogue, with photographers like Horst immortalizing her image. Marina gave birth to three children,but her happiness was not to last. George, Duke of Kent was killed in a plane crash in 1942 leaving Marina a widow at the young age of 34. She never remarried, but remained a popular and elegant presence in the Royal family until her own death in 1968.