Adding Art Deco touches to your home.

When it comes to style, there is one era and design period that stands out as perfection. The Art Deco era, which was first popular in the 1920s and 30s was a time of design that was notable for its striking modernity and visual boldness, both in colour and form.

Art Deco was all about rich, bold colours. Geometric shapes and straight lines were also fused with curves, half moons and ornamentation that was not always well received at the time. The Art Deco look now seems so well suited to the 1920s, you can only really see this trend rising at the same time as the emergence of the Flapper, the movies and the Jazz Age. But in recent years, Art Deco pieces have again become popular, seen in films like The Artist, stage plays like Top Hat, and preserved in the great London hotels Claridges and The Savoy.

If you are interested in incorporating some Art Deco style into your home decor and decoration, there are some key features that you can focus on. These can help you to achieve Art Deco style in your home without turning it into a museum.

Here are some areas you could look at.

The Use of Glass

Glass was a major feature in art deco style homes, often incorporating coloured panels and geometric style designs. This is something you can easily achieve in your home with the use of toughened glass to create splashbacks, screens and even mirror features in your home.

A key room in Art Deco homes is the bathroom, so you could look at using frosted satin glass with engraving detail to make sure your shower screen is in keeping with your art deco theme.

Cupboards and Units

Furniture is an obvious way of incorporating the Art Deco trend. Good pieces can be picked up in junk shops, antique shops, and there are good quality reproductions around. I love how this kitchen has mixed the modern and the vintage to create an incredible space.

Designer kitchen by Morgan from Homify

Designer kitchen 


Lighting is very important to achieving an Art Deco look. Free standing lights like the one featured below are just so evocative of the look, especially when you take a glimpse at the base. Is there anything more Deco than black and gold – think the Biba sign and the Gucci flapper dresses from a couple of seasons ago? (click here for a recap). The second example almost has the look of a vintage cigarette holder, again, an icon of the 1920s.

16 Stehleuchte Grenoble, rechts die Messing-Variante : Lighting by Art Deco Schneider

08 Stehleuchte Panther, rechts die Messing-Variante : Lighting by Art Deco Schneider


There are some really good examples of modern flooring that would certainly fit into the Art Deco era. Parquet flooring, of the sort so wonderfully exhibited in Eltham Palace, can be a great fit for an Art Deco inspired home. You could also use a floor tile for bathrooms like the sort shown below. The blue and white is striking and modernist.


What are your thoughts on Art Deco?

Adding Metallic Elements To A Room

Even though it remains true that neutral colours are the most popular choice when it comes to decorating our homes, more and more people are now looking to more interesting choices. Amongst these, metallic colours – silver, gold, bronze and rose gold, are growing in popularity, particularly when it comes to home accessories. For metallics, the truth for our home echoes the truth for our wardrobes, and whilst we may not want a gold sofa any more than we would be brave enough to wear a gold dress, an accent of metallic – a cushion, a vase or a mirror, could be a beautiful addition to any room.

Here are a few ideas for how to add metallic elements to your room.

Silver Wallpaper

Using a beautiful silver wallpaper for a feature wall is a great way to add style and interest to a living room, or could look wonderful all over a bedroom. Silver wallpaper does not mean foil effects that make you feel like you are traveling in a rocket or some sort of nuclear bunker, rather it can be a cool, beautiful, soft look that has a relaxing effect. I love the Arthouse Bosco Silver Leaf Trail Glitter Wallpaper which has a beautiful fern style effect running through the paper, the perfect way to add a metallic touch to your home.

Metallic Cushions

Metallic cushion designs have become very popular lately, particularly arranged on a bed.  In the 1970s, Biba brought out a range of homewares that were totally Art Deco inspired and often featured gold as a key colour, fast forward to the present day and Biba, now available at House of Fraser, is once again showing how wonderful gold can look in the home. Other companies have also embraced an Art Deco aesthetic, look at this fabulous cushion from JD Williams which could’ve come straight from the set of The Great Gatsby.

A metallic throw

Whether you are covering a sofa or a bed, a metallic throw is a real stylish option that could be a practical way to add shine to a room. Rose Gold is just such a pretty shade with its pinkish tones, and I think this Stylish faux rose gold foil triangles pattern fleece blanket could be a really pretty accessory for any room.

If you’ve ever wanted to add a little sparkle to your room but worried it would be too ostentatious, I hope the ideas above make you have a rethink.

Art Deco style Sofas for the new season



We’ve been living in out house for 12 years this August, and despite being decorated throughout in those years, we have made a checklist of things that need buying, replacing and renovating in 2015. Our dining room needs painting and decorating, we want to revamp our bedroom (the most neglected room in our home) and we really could do with a new sofa or three piece suite.

We had our current sofa just before Joe was born, so it is now 6 years old. It has been a great sofa, serviceable black leather, with a boxy, slouchy style made for covering in scatter cushions and relaxing on. But a visit from my sister’s cat left scratches on the armrests, whilst six years of Joe has seen pretty much every sort of food and drink spilled on the chairs, as well as numerous other things too yucky to mention. So I’ve started to compile a wishlist of potential sofas, with many gorgeous designs from the Newman and Bright website on my radar.

I love Art Deco style, and many of the Urban styles from Newman and Bright totally fit the bill for the 1920s/1930s look. The Gatsby design is just stunning, coming in both fabric and leather options. The rounded armrests and the use of contrast piping makes this a stylish option that I am, quite frankly besotted with. I love the Lichen fabric option, whilst the Oxblood leather design makes this a sofa that could’ve come straight from Eltham Palace.

 Gatsby £1,445.00 click to visit Newman and Bright

click to visit Newman and Bright

 Gatsby £1,445.00 click to visit Newman and Bright

click to visit Newman and Bright

The Kingsbury is another design that makes the list, again inspired by the Art Deco designs that I always veer towards, with clean lines and lack of fuss. The Knovo also has the Eltham Palace influence, check out the design below, along with an image from the fabulous Art Deco venue.

 Kingsbury £1,165.00 click to visit Newman and Bright

click to visit Newman and Bright


 Kovno £1,395.00 click to visit Newman and Bright

click to visit Newman and Bright

These are dream sofas, I’m not sure I would ever leave my living room if I was to get one of these this year. If you are going to get a new sofa, I don’t see why it can’t be a design classic!