Bathtime treats from Treacle Moon

Treacle Moon is a lovely UK brand that you may be aware of from certain supermarkets. (It is stocked in both Tesco and Waitrose). The brand is a lovely range of bath and pamper products, each with a unique, scrumptious smell and it’s own story, one which can be read from the front of the bottle. Treacle Moon is now in its 8th year, and has recently further extended the brand with a whole range of new and delicious sounding flavours. I was lucky enough to be sent a couple of bottles of bath and shower gel in a couple of the new flavours to try out.

Treacle Moon products

Treacle Moon products

That Vanilla Moment

I have to say straight away, that I dislike the smell of Vanilla – it is probably my worst scent. I just find it sickly and cloying. So, when it came to this product, I decided to leave the testing to a vanilla fan – my lovely husband. He has been using this almost dailyt since it arrived in the post – you could say he is slightly addicted. Pete says the fragrance is very sweet and smells just wonderful on the skin – it has calming properties that leave the skin feeling both relaxed and nourished. It lathers up so well if you want a luxurious soak, the bubbles belay the fact that this product costs just £2.99 – it certainly gives the likes of Philosophy a run for their (much more) money.



One Ginger Morning

Any product that has a story starting ‘Wakey, Wakey Duvet Princess’ is just right by me, and One Ginger Morning bath and shower gel is the perfect wake up call. This zesty ginger fragrance is much more up my street – I love ginger smells, finding them to be invigorating and revitalising. Once again, this lathers up to make a wonderful bubble bath – try it in luke warm water on hot days. I also highly recommend this as an early morning wake up call, one which leaves the skin feeling alert and awake and ready for the day ahead.




Treacle Moon products are an affordable treat – they make bathtime a special time, with scents that make you never want to leave your bathroom. With prices averaging around £2.99, this is the perfect product to slip into the shopping basket for a guilt free treat.