Bingocams – Putting the fun back into bingo

I was in Blackpool at the weekend, and had the most amazing time. It was sunny and warm, really busy and alive, the illuminations were on and it was just lovely. Of course, we spent quite a bit of time in the amusement arcades and, as always, the games I instinctively headed to were the bingo machines. I love the adrenaline buzz you get when your numbers come out, and the feeling when you win (I won £1 – I was so excited, sad but true.) It did get me thinking. I’m not a gambler as such, I like the odd game, either at the seaside, or occasionally online, but I honestly don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t love bingo.

Kate and Sadie love Bingo

Kate and Sadie love Bingo

My little boy plays it at school with letters as well as numbers, and is just so proud if he wins a sticker or a sweet. Celebrities ranging from Robbie Williams, Kate Moss, Sadie Frost, Bono and Russell Crowe are all fans of the game, whilst Cristiano Ronaldo credits bingo with helping to improve his English. Now, bingo experts Bingocams are moving online bingo to the next stage by making online bingo the community based social activity it is in the bingo halls of old.


You can play online with your family and friends, or make new ones from the online community. You can share news of your wins online in real time either by joining in an ongoing group chat, or by having a private one to one chat through that function. You can play online bingo in the same way you have always played, but with the unique opportunity to share your experiences with friends or like-minded people, if you wish too.

Have you ever played online bingo? Would you ever join an online bingo society or webchat?


How the internet keeps us in touch.

I have never been much of a sleeper. In daytime I can feel really tired and find myself having mini dozes, but once the night-time comes I can often find myself wide awake, lying in bed and watching the clock go around. Because of this, I tend to go to bed later and spend night time hours on the internet – blogging, updating photo albums on Facebook and finding new and interesting websites. I even sometimes play a game of Bingo.

When trawling the web last night I came across the Bingocams site, which offers live Bingo games with a new twist. The site has incorporated webcams into the mix, which mean that you can now chat to any player in the bingo room by using the room chat option that you will find at the bottom of the page. Each room has a chat host who can start and supervise chats to keep the atmosphere fun, friendly and positive.

Bingocams run special events with chat hosts.

Bingocams run special events with chat hosts.

I think this is a lovely idea, for those who are on their own, or those who have a hobby which the rest of their family is not really interested in – it offers camaraderie and opportunities for chat. I think this is something that the internet has been really good at – making the world smaller by bringing people together (albeit virtually).

From my own point of view, the internet has been brilliant in allowing me to keep in touch with family members, and also in giving an opportunity to make new friends. My brother has recently moved to Stoke, and work commitments mean I don’t see him as much as before, but I can share photographs and updates about Joe through Facebook, and do this all the time. I also do the same for family we have living in Spain who love to see what is happening on this side of the world.  Online chat is so much cheaper than telephone bills, and although it cannot take the place of hearing someone’s voice, it does mean you can keep in touch more regularly.

Joe keeps in touch with Uncle Ben through photo updates on Facebook

Joe keeps in touch with Uncle Ben through photo updates on Facebook


I have also made so many good friends through Twitter, including the lovely Emily Jayne, and QVC television presenter Marverine Cole, who I chatted to a lot and finally met for the first time last week. Twitter allows you to walk into a room and feel you know people, even though you have only spoken through 140 characters.


Selfie with Emily Jayne...

Selfie with Emily Jayne…


And with Marverine.


The internet may be wrong on so many levels, but it is right on so many others. Making the big world seem that little bit smaller, and loved ones feeling closer, is one of its greatest achievements.