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Bingocams – Putting the fun back into bingo

I was in Blackpool at the weekend, and had the most amazing time. It was sunny and warm, really busy and alive, the illuminations were on and it was just lovely. Of course, we spent quite a bit of time in the amusement arcades and, as always, the games I instinctively headed to were the bingo machines. I love the adrenaline buzz you get when your numbers come out, and the feeling when you win (I won £1 – I was so excited, sad but true.) It did get me thinking. I’m not a gambler as such, I like the odd game, either at the seaside, or occasionally online, but I honestly don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t love bingo.

Kate and Sadie love Bingo
Kate and Sadie love Bingo

My little boy plays it at school with letters as well as numbers, and is just so proud if he wins a sticker or a sweet. Celebrities ranging from Robbie Williams, Kate Moss, Sadie Frost, Bono and Russell Crowe are all fans of the game, whilst Cristiano Ronaldo credits bingo with helping to improve his English. Now, bingo experts Bingocams are moving online bingo to the next stage by making online bingo the community based social activity it is in the bingo halls of old.


You can play online with your family and friends, or make new ones from the online community. You can share news of your wins online in real time either by joining in an ongoing group chat, or by having a private one to one chat through that function. You can play online bingo in the same way you have always played, but with the unique opportunity to share your experiences with friends or like-minded people, if you wish too.

Have you ever played online bingo? Would you ever join an online bingo society or webchat?


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