Ugg Australia launches a new store in Birmingham

A few weeks ago I was invited to take a look around a rather special new store. Ugg Australia was just about to launch a new, stand alone store in Birmingham, and I was offered the opportunity to take a little look around before the official opening. The idea of being let loose in a shop chocked full with shoes and boots was just to good to turn down, so, battling sinusitis, I made a trip to the new store…and it was well worth the visit.

I think we all have a pre-conceived notion of what we will find in an Ugg Store. Ugg boots are a modern phenomenon, the snuggly, cuddly boots that all the celebs wear during their downtime, that are beloved of mothers on the school run (guilty as charged in winter,) and seem to be the natural partner to skinny jeans. They may not be the prettiest boot in the world, but they are definitely the most popular. Basically -what you see is what you get – neutral coloured comfy snowboots, no riddles, no bells, no buzzers, and certainly no glamour…or so I thought.

The reality is that those comfy boots are only half of the Ugg story. Stepping inside the new store I was stunned at the variety of styles available, and at how utterly gorgeous and glamorous the styles were. The complete Ugg collection is full of fashion forward boots and shoes that include heeled ankle boots, shoeboots and New York influenced, 1970s style, knee high boots. Colours are varied, and some of the designs include some serious hardward, with studs and buckles prevelant across the collections. This is still Ugg, the sheepskin is still there, even in the new designs. Put your feet into the shoes and boots and your toes are cushioned in the lushness of the wool, it’s just that only you will know this, the boots are that stylish.

Of course, the beauty of the new Ugg store is that you get the chance to view the whole range. That includes the traditional Uggs, now in a mouthwatering array of bright colours. There are also the fabulous accessories, the gloves that are a must have for all due to that super soft lining, and the handbags and purses that come in a variety of highly covetable designs.

My ‘kid in a sweet shop mentality’ was pushed to the limit in this store, and no more so than when I was told I could pick a pair of boots to take home. How exactly do you choose from so much gorgeousness? It was a tough job, but eventually I chose a pair I feel in love with, tan leather with a wedge heel and side zip. Just perfect!

Trying my boots on!

My boots - absolutely love them.

With thanks to Emma Roberts of Bullring and Holly Blake of Focus PR for the invitation.


‘Enchanted – The Show’ at The Bullring

I took my front row seat last Saturday to watch Enchanted and was blown away by a very grown up fairy tale. ‘Enchanted’ was the Bullring’s major contribution to this year’s Style Birmingham, and it was a truly stunning spectacle. A baroque fairytale filled with gothic glamour and acres of brocade, sparkle and lace, ‘Enchanted’ was a truly, well, enchanting show that showcased piece after beautiful piece from the major Bullring stores. And with the gorgeous Lydia Bright presenting, and some pretty amazing hair styles enhanced by a range of eye-catching lace wigs, this proved to be a show that will stay in the mind for a long time to come.

Lydia Bright, the standout style star from The Only Way is Essex, looked resplendent in a 1960s style embellished dress from Monsoon, and this set the scene for everything from Chanel style jackets to brocade trousers and tulle and chiffon skirts. Cos, French Connection, Monsoon and Reiss were just some of the retailers who featured in the show, and the styling was decidedly feminine, even masculine style outfits were given a girlie twist.  And as for the aforementioned hair. Just imagine if Amy Winehouse met Alice in Wonderland and you get the idea. The hair was just fabulous – a real talking point.

Full marks once again to Emma Roberts and the Bullring team for creating a magical experience which enchanted everyone who was able to view it.


Enchanted in pictures.

Boden looks back to the 1960s for its new season looks

Boden are looking to the new A/W season with influence firmly rooted in the past. The High street style destination has produced a collection that owes more than passing nod to the styles, shapes and colours of the swinging sixties. With brightly coloured trousers cropped above the ankle, pretty tops and blouses with Peter Pan collars, and funnel neck jumpers, Boden is full of pieces that hark back to the days of Twiggy, Jean Shrimpton and Julie Christie.

And then there are the fabulous dresses. Simple shift styles in warm fabrics like placket cord and stretch Ponte Roma style, in muted shades and gorgeous patterns, these dresses are timeless and elegant, yet retaining an element of fun that we have come to expect from Boden.


Bistro Crop Trouser £59.00 click to visit Boden

Sixties Jumper £49.00 click to visit Boden

Ravello Top £49.00 click to visit Boden

Peter Pan Top £49.00 click to visit Boden

Notch Neck Shift £99.00 click to visit Boden

Placket Cord Dress £79.00 click to visit Boden

LouLou Dress £69.00 click to visit Boden

Boden in the Bullring!

If you are in Birmingham this weekend, you must go and check out the Boden pop-up shop that is opening in the Bullring. The grand launch is 1st September, but the store is actually opening TODAY,  so this will be well worth a visit.

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