Travel – Cala’n Bosch Menorca

Cala’n Bosch (also known as Cala’n Bosch or Cala en Bosc) is a lovely, family friendly beach, marina, hotel, and apartment resort  situated on the southwest coast of Minorca. We have been holidaying in this resort for the past few years and find it to be a place that addresses all of our needs – beautiful beaches, a good range of restaurants and a few shops for when the sun goes down.


The Marina

The Marina is the hub of activity in Cala’n Bosch, most of the restaurants and shops are situated around it, and it is a lovely place to take a leisurely walk around after dinner. Known as Lago, there are always plenty of boats in the marina which certainly pleases my boat mad youngster. You can also take a trip on a glass bottomed boat from here which will take you to a range of beaches on the coast. We used the Amigos boat and it cost about 50Euros for 2 adults and 1 child. This was for a 3 hour trip and was a lovely way to spend an afternoon – the audio gave information about the beaches and the history of the island, and there was also a small bar onboard for refreshments. We had an hour on a beautiful beach that we would not been able to get to otherwise.



On the Amigos Glass Bottom boat

On the Amigos Glass Bottom boat


View from the Glass Bottom Boat


There are some local artisan stalls set up around the marina during the evening. These handcraft everything from necklaces and name plates, and also bead hair – very popular with the young.



Goody Goody is  a mini play. swim area that is great for children. It has two pools and water slides. The pools are free to use, but you must pay for your sunbed (Just 3 euros for the day – great value.) You also have to pay for the slides and other attractions – a full day ticket for your child is 12 euros, this includes use of the slides, bouncy castles, trampolines and other activities. You can also play crazy golf here and have a meal. Joe just wanted to use the pool and slides so we got a 6 euro ticket which also included a child’s meal.

It has to be said that the food is great value at Goody Goody, the meals are reasonably priced and contain more chips than you could ever eat. Goody Goody is open well into the night so is great for children to have a play after dinner, when, it has to be said, it is cooler to use the bouncy castles.



Goody Goody is open in the evenings too

Waterslides in Goody Goody

Waterslides in Goody Goody

There are a couple of other amusement arcades in Cala’n Bosch, but don’t any ideas about Blackpool, these seem very dated with very old games, but do the job just the same. Joe enjoyed the air hockey and the football games.

Enjoying the football games

Enjoying the football games


There are two main beaches in Cala’n Bosch. Both are beautiful and very popular – neither are that big. Cala’n Bosch seems to have cove beaches rather than a strip, but they are both great for watersports or just paddling. We stayed closer to Son Xoriguer beach which is quite rocky – you do need to watch where you step. But the sea is amazing – the waves just crash and can take your bikini bottoms with it (I do suggest a one piece!). Son Xoriguer has shops and restaurants right on the sea front, so it is lovely to be able to come off and have a snack during Mad dogs time.


Son Xoriguer beach


Son Xoriguer beach in the background

Son Xoriguer beach in the background

The second beach is Bosch beach, this is just off the Marina area and also has toilets, restaurants and shops nearby. You can hire sunbeds (about 8 euros for the day) and there are also pedalos which are great fun – each has their own slide for hitting the cold water.


Cala’n Bosch isn’t a huge shopping town, but it does have a few nice places to pick up a bargain or a present. Maribel seems to be a chain that can be found all over Menorca and is the perfect place to find a gift – it ranges from tacky souvenirs to pretty pottery, silver jewellery and some really nice straw bags.

There is a good perfume shop that also sells a good range of Lacoste and Hugo Boss tops, whilst there are other shops that stock Pou Nou linen and cotton pieces, a sports shop with the latest Real Madrid tops, and Torres shoe store which stocks Desigual, Clarks and Ipanema pieces. There are also supermarkets – Top Markets stocks great pastries and sandwiches for a day at the beach, and there is a spa too. Some of the shops shut between 1.30 and 5pm, but many stay open. For more shopping, you can get a bus to Ciutadella which is around 9 Kilometres away and costs 1.95euros on the local bus.


Torres shoe shop




If I’m honest, we were half board, so mainly ate in our restaurant in the evenings. At lunch time, we enjoyed the tuna salads that were fresh and tasty.

In the Marina area, the Chinese restaurant Long Cheung is very good, the set menus are tasty and the Sizzling dishes (Sizzling Chicken  China and Sizzling Beef China) are super tasty.  El Pato is another good restaurant, with the children’s meals served in boats and planes boxes that really delight youngsters. The pasto and Menorcan dishes were really good too.

It is worth looking out for lunchtime specials – some places offer lunch menus for just 2 euros.

In the Chinese restaurant

In the Chinese restaurant Long Cheung

El Pato

El Pato

Cute fish pizza!

Cute fish pizza!

Have you ever been to Cala’n Bosch?