Ribena Minis ‘Less Spills, Less Mess’

Ever since I was a child, I have loved Ribena. The original blackcurrant version is, in fact, the drink I most associate with being young, my mom insisted that it was far better for me than fizzy pop (of course she was correct) and so we always had the cordial, that I seem to remember had a foil top. These days, we usually have Ribena squash in our kitchen cupboards – old habits do die hard it seems.

Last month saw Ribena launch a brand new range. Ribena Minis combine Ribena’s, delicious flavours with a ‘Less Spills, Less Mess’ cap.  The idea is that these are ideal for putting into lunchboxes and packed lunches, either for school, or as part of a picnic, and also that these are bottled drinks that you are not afraid to put into your bag. The bottle will only release liquid once the bottle has been squeezed, so even if the top comes off, you are not going to find your sandwiches ruined, or your bag swimming with liquid, as you would with a normal bottle. Accidents do happen when children are faced with bottles, but these bottles incur a minimal amount of spill and mess.




Ribena Minis currently come in three different flavours; Brilliant Blackcurrant, Oh So Yum Orange and Amazing Apple & Mango. Joe loved the Apple and Mango flavour, whilst I am still partial to the original blackcurrent. The choices all contains real fruit juice and no added sugar so they are also kind to teeth and work towards your five a day, making them a healthy choice as well as a less messy one. In addition, the bottles are easy to close and seal again, so drinks can be put back into bags – they don’t have to be consumed all in one go. This means there is less waste too.



Ribena Minis are such a good idea. Tasty, healthy and with that less spills, less mess cap, they are perfect for packed lunches, winter picnics, comfort hydration breaks and frankly, if you have little ones, they are worth just keeping in the fridge.