Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Are you like me and always find Father’s Day a tough one to choose a gift for? I never seem to know what to get for my dad, and he is frankly no help in that department when I ask him. And yet he totally deserves something lovely, for always being there, for always caring and for always being that listening ear that doesn’t judge but just nods along.

Similarly, my wonderful husband and baby daddy Peter is a gem, totally one in a million and someone I just love to spoil.

So, with both of those special people in mind, I have some ideas for presents for those special dads in your life.

Brita fill&go Active Water Bottle XL

If your dad is active and sporty, or likes to take his own bottled water to work, or maybe he is just ecologically sound and wants to cut down on his plastic usage, then the Brita fill & go active water bottle could be a gift that is much appreciated.

It  features the BRITA MicroDisc and ActivSelect® technology, a durable filter that reduces chlorine content and taste impairing substances in regular tap water. Built in a classic active shape, the Brita fill&go Active Water bottle allows for a litre of great-tasting water on-the-go.

If like me you live in an area where your tap water leaves a lot to be desired, this is a great gift option.

BRITA Active XL Sports Water Filter Bottle, Lime, 1 Litre £16.50 Click to visit Amazon

Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Sense Energize Razor

It has to be said that men spend a lot of money on saving products, which could be why my father-in-law often asks for them as gifts.

Wilkinson Sword Hydro 5 Sense Energize Razor is one of the newest products from the Wilkinson Sword range. It is unique and innovative in that it uses shock-absorb technology which auto-adjusts the amount of pressure it is putting on your face. This helps to give you the ultimate customised shave, and hopefully avoids those little nicks to the face that ordinary razors are notorious for.

The RRP for this product is £12, but if you are quick this weekend, Boots are selling it for just £6 this weekend (take a look here.)

VonShef 9pc Matte Black Parisian Cocktail Set From Domu

Sometimes parents can surprise you. I remember the shock I had when my dad announced he had once been a barmen when I was a baby and could still mix a mean cocktail (it was a Snowball but still…). If your dad loves to mix cocktails, or maybe has his own bar in his man cave, then this sleek and stylish Parisian cocktail set fromVonShef, available at Domu might be his ideal gift.

This is a beautifully packaged gift for the stylish man in your life. The 550ml capacity Parisian cocktail shaker is made from premium stainless steel with a contemporary matte black finish. The set comes with complementary matte black-coloured accessories included: stainless steel muddler, 9″stainless steel twisted double-ended bar spoon/ fork, stainless steel Hawthorne strainer and double ended stainless steel 25ml/50ml shot measuring jigger

Dad can have fun mixing his own cocktails, or can try out some of the recipes that come in the cocktail book that accompanies the set.

The Parisian Field Guide to Men’s Style by Ines de la Fressange

Legendary French model and Chanel muse Ines de la Fressange is turning her well trained fashion eye to men’s fashion this year. Following on from her best seller Parisian Chic, and teaming with fashion journalist Sophie Gachet , Ines has produced ‘The Parisian Field Guide to Men’s Style’, which is described as a “fun and practical sartorial guide” that looks at all different facets of male style and also gives away some of Ines’s key addresses for building up that stylish wardrobe.

This book is a lovely gift idea for the dad who is a picture of sartorial elegance and takes his style and wardrobe very seriously. Alternately, it might work for a dad who needs a little help in that department.

A beautiful card from Thortful.com

If you live across the miles from your dad, a card from Thortful is a wonderful present that can show someone you care, even if you can’t be with them.

thortful.com  is a creative card marketplace, supporting a community of designers, illustrators and photographers, who create beautifully unique greeting cards that you won’t find anywhere else. As well as traditional cards for all occasions, thortful has card gifts that contain delicious artisan chocolates to create a unique and lovely gift that works really well for Father’s Day, particularly if dad has a sweet tooth.

The designs at thortful cover all aspects of fatherhood, from the sweet and cute, to the very funny, tongue in cheek options. Plus, if you want to send a very special card, I have a discount code you can use which gets you 20% the cost of your card or gift.



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T-Shirts From Blacks and Millets
If your dad is in need of a wardrobe overhaul, then this could be an idea for Father’s Day. T-shirts are always a stylish fail safe idea for dads, and I have chosen a couple that could work well in a stylish, yet casual and practical way.
The North Face T-Shirt is from a brand that is steadily growing in popularity. Once known as a brand purely for the outdoors type, The North Face has developed as a stylish brand perfect for wearing at the weekend. The Men’s Easy Short Sleeve T-Shirt is constructed from soft cotton for ultimate comfort and has the iconic TNF logo on the front. This is the ultimate in casual design and will be a surefire success with dad.
Berghaus has a wide range of t-shirts that are perfect for those who love outdoor living, particularly in the range available from Berghaus. My top pick ( a sort of top of the tops I suppose) is Berghaus T-shirt which has a really stylish design on both the front and back, and is once again in top quality 100% cotton that makes it a perfect choice for those days when you just want to chill in comfort.This t-shirt has a relaxed feel, so it would look great worn casually with jeans, or with shorts on a warmer day, and with the fabulous Berghaus quality, you just know this will wash and wash and retain the colour and quality.





7 Best Gifts for the Men In your Life

In most cases, finding the perfect gift for husbands, boyfriends, fathers, sons or any other men who matter  can be difficult. Most men like cars and gadgets, but you cannot gift them these through all the years. Men get bored too. As a result, we must have a diverse knowledge set of the best gift ideas for the men in their lives. Some of the best gift ideas and stuff preferred by most men include:


Books are among the best and the most invaluable gift idea for men; especially for a man who treasures books. You can even take this as the chance to inculcate good reading habits by buying your son a book.


Men love good shoes. Try designer brands and high quality shoes with the perfect fit. There are many websites you can review shoes designs and the prices. You will get in depth knowledge on the styles of shoes as well as the best clothes to wear which shoes with. This will instill fashion sense in your sons as well.


Luxury/ Hobbies

Your husband, friend or mentor will appreciate a gift that shows thought put into it. Getting that man exotic cigars or alcoholic drink will make that person appreciate you more. Such gifts are available online and they are of a very high quality. You can also get a tennis ball kit with all the gloves, balls etc.

Work out apparel

Staying healthy and fit is a life quality that is appreciated by most people because of unfortunate incidences in their lives or the lives of others. Most men are known to be active. To build this tempo and keep your man healthy and fit, you may consider online shops with best men’s apparel for working out. These will be affordable and you may find coupons to purchase the renowned designer brands.

Survival products

Safety is always on top of every mother’s head. Whether it is their children, husband, relative or friend, safety get an insurmountable priority. You should therefore get survival kits or products for safety.

The survival items will also be useful in outdoor activities like camping. For instance a training kit on survival will  be hugely appreciated by that gentleman.


Any man will appreciate a good tech device or gadget. A gaming device such as the PS4 will be deeply appreciated by any man. If you are stuck on gift ideas for your son, why not buy this for them today? They will thank you for it.

Wearable technological gadgets like watches are liked by  most men and you will make that man happier by ordering the trendiest gadget for them.


Home and garden

Well, you do not have to gift that man something they will wear or walk around with. How about a little diversity from the home and gardening section? You can get outdoor furniture, a lounge chair, patio furniture, pool candles, etc. These show a little or a lot of thought put in the gifts.

In conclusion, there are many gift ideas for men, off from the regular watches and wallets. These ideas will excite any man gifted with them and you will not be disappointed. Of course, you should keep in mind the age of that man before placing the order for the gift. Online reviews of the seller shops should be vetted as well.


Author Bio

Cedric Higgins is an online marketer dealing in all things- men. He gives reviews on the best men’s apparel for working out as well as other items loved by men suitable for gifting or just normal purchases for men. His guide will keep all mothers happy because his reviews are on point. Read more on the same on his blog today.

Thoughtful Gifts Your Dad Will Love

It’s not just your mum who deserves great gifts; so does your Dad! Here are a handful of gift ideas that your old man will love no matter his interests or age.


With my dad.

With my dad.

A magazine subscription

Get him a magazine subscription that accommodates to one of his biggest interests or hobbies. If he’s alway fiddling around in his vegetable patch, how about a gardening magazine? If he loves throwing together ingredients in the kitchen, inspire him with new ideas with a cooking magazine. Or maybe his interests are a bit more niche. If he loves old British culture and transportation, how about one that comes with free british model buses that the can collect? The choice is endless. The great thing about magazine subscriptions is that the gift goes on and on. He’ll be able to enjoy the gift for a whole year, with a new magazine arriving every month.

A pampering session

Just because your Dad has never had a pampering session, doesn’t mean he doesn’t want one! Book him in for a male manicure. They won’t paint his nails (unless that’s his thing!) But they will give him a moisturising hand massage, sort his cuticles and nail beds and trim his talons. Alternatively, how about a back, head or foot massage? Book him in with a male masseuse if you think it might make him more comfortable.

A TV subscription

Many of us know about the joys of streaming sites like Netflix by now, but does your Dad? If he loves his box sets, movies, and documentaries, it’s time to introduce him to this world. Amazon Prime, Now TV and Netflix are three options that have loads of programmes on them. This article from The Week pits them against each other to see which one comes out on top. You could also look at an Amazon Firestick or a Google ChromeCast. Be warned, though; he’ll probably get hooked, and you’ll never be allowed to cancel!

A fitness monitor

Whether your Dad is still at the gym every night or hasn’t seen the inside of a gym if 40 years, this is a great gift. For those who already exercise lots, fitness bands offer the ability to track progress and improvements. On the other hand, if your old man isn’t keen on exercise, this acts as great motivation. Fitness bands can monitor things like your heart rate, for example, and show you ways to improve your overall fitness level. Fitness monitors are no longer those massive machines you’ve seen in Sci-fi movies, either. They’re now far more dainty and compact. So compact, even, that you can get them in wristband form!

Your time

This one doesn’t cost a penny but will mean the world. Give your father the gift of your own time. As we grow up and move home, we inevitably see our parents less and less. Re-connect by taking him out. If could be for a slap-up meal, or just for a walk in the local park. Talk, share memories and ask him questions. You’ll make memories to last a lifetime.