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Thoughtful Gifts Your Dad Will Love

It’s not just your mum who deserves great gifts; so does your Dad! Here are a handful of gift ideas that your old man will love no matter his interests or age.


With my dad.
With my dad.

A magazine subscription

Get him a magazine subscription that accommodates to one of his biggest interests or hobbies. If he’s alway fiddling around in his vegetable patch, how about a gardening magazine? If he loves throwing together ingredients in the kitchen, inspire him with new ideas with a cooking magazine. Or maybe his interests are a bit more niche. If he loves old British culture and transportation, how about one that comes with free british model buses that the can collect? The choice is endless. The great thing about magazine subscriptions is that the gift goes on and on. He’ll be able to enjoy the gift for a whole year, with a new magazine arriving every month.

A pampering session

Just because your Dad has never had a pampering session, doesn’t mean he doesn’t want one! Book him in for a male manicure. They won’t paint his nails (unless that’s his thing!) But they will give him a moisturising hand massage, sort his cuticles and nail beds and trim his talons. Alternatively, how about a back, head or foot massage? Book him in with a male masseuse if you think it might make him more comfortable.

A TV subscription

Many of us know about the joys of streaming sites like Netflix by now, but does your Dad? If he loves his box sets, movies, and documentaries, it’s time to introduce him to this world. Amazon Prime, Now TV and Netflix are three options that have loads of programmes on them. This article from The Week pits them against each other to see which one comes out on top. You could also look at an Amazon Firestick or a Google ChromeCast. Be warned, though; he’ll probably get hooked, and you’ll never be allowed to cancel!

A fitness monitor

Whether your Dad is still at the gym every night or hasn’t seen the inside of a gym if 40 years, this is a great gift. For those who already exercise lots, fitness bands offer the ability to track progress and improvements. On the other hand, if your old man isn’t keen on exercise, this acts as great motivation. Fitness bands can monitor things like your heart rate, for example, and show you ways to improve your overall fitness level. Fitness monitors are no longer those massive machines you’ve seen in Sci-fi movies, either. They’re now far more dainty and compact. So compact, even, that you can get them in wristband form!

Your time

This one doesn’t cost a penny but will mean the world. Give your father the gift of your own time. As we grow up and move home, we inevitably see our parents less and less. Re-connect by taking him out. If could be for a slap-up meal, or just for a walk in the local park. Talk, share memories and ask him questions. You’ll make memories to last a lifetime.

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