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Review – Mandy’s heaven Silver Grey Silk Floaty Top

Mandy’s Heaven is a new fashion outlet that is aiming to offer women something a little different from the current High Street Offering. With an emphasis on women outside the teenage demographic that fashion is often aimed at, and with a size range that really does incorporate a one size fits all mentally, Mandy’s heaven aims to be inclusive of women that other fashion brands are often guilty of forgetting.

I was recently asked if I would like to try out something from the current range of Mandy’s Heaven and I decided to choose the beautiful silver grey silk floaty top. It comes in one size, with a stretchy underlayer masked by an incredibly beautiful and delicate silk blouse which has almost a cape effect when viewed from the back. This blouse is great quality silk, and is very reminiscent of the American Yong Kim designs that sell for almost three time the Mandy’s Heaven price on QVC.

Similar Top but in a different colour – currently available on the site.

Taupe & White Silk Floaty Top £38.00 Click to visit Mandy's Heaven
Taupe & White Silk Floaty Top
£38.00 Click to visit Mandy’s Heaven

This blouse is extremely lightweight, which makes it a perfect choice for taking on holiday – it would be very cool and floaty, making it a great choice for sightseeing trips when worn with a pair of shorts. I also believe someone shorter than me (I’m 5ft7in) could get away with wearing this as a beach to bar piece at some exclusive resort – it has that sort of feel.

I decided to wear it with fitted ‘pleather’ trousers to give this a more edgy, modern look. The floaty dimensions of the top mean that it works well with a tapered or fitted bottom, and I think it would work well with cigarette pants in black or navy. It could also be great against white for a summery variation on the look.




I wore boots with this as the weather was still quite cold, despite the sunny look, but again, a stiletto heel or a caged sandal would work really well with this. The plain neckline makes this a great canvas to frame a statement necklace, I wore a multi-chained Frank Usher necklace that had been a gift at Christmas, but something with coloured stones could also work well against the soft grey.




I was really impressed with this lovely piece from Mandy’s Heaven, it is super feminine and makes you feel like you are wearing something that is both glamorous and effortless.


To check out more of the collection at Mandy’s Heaven, click here.

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