Kitchen Style To Make Your Mouth Water

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For many families, the kitchen is the heart and soul of the home, and there is certainly no shortage of inspirational kitchen furniture and accessories to choose from these days. Whether your style is to create a cool, contemporary cooking space or if you love the idea of a traditional shaker style kitchen, you’ll be able to create your dream cooking and dining space with very little difficulty. Clever design means that even the smallest space can be utilised in order to give you plenty of storage, and your colour scheme is totally up to you – with classic wood, high gloss colours and sleek monochrome all popular in our anything goes culture.

For the perfect balance of style and practicality, you need to look carefully at the kind of countertops and worktops you choose. Premier Surfaces Zodiaq Countertops are beautiful quartz worktops which add a touch of luxury to your kitchen and are a great alternative to Corian designs. These are both attractive and durable surfaces that will complement a range of design schemes due to the expanding range of colours. Quartz worktops are a great investment for your kitchen, and it could be that you are able to update the look of your kitchen and make it more modern without completely changing the cupboards and units, but simply adding new countertops. This is great if you are want to upgrade, but have a tight budget.

When you choose a new design for your surfaces, try to find something that will compliment your flooring to make a real kitchen style statement. The London Sky design featured below is white, but tinged with the softest grey which means it looks great when paired with a crisp white floor, but as this can be hard to maintain, especially if you have a family, it would also contrast beautifully with a mid grey or even a charcoal tile.

If you are still struggling for a little kitchen makeover inspiration, why not turn to the celebrity world and the kitchens of the most in demand chefs?  You may not be able to copy the complete look, but are sure to find ideas that you can steal and adapt to your own home.

The following three cooks have created kitchens that are guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing.

Wolfgang Puck


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When it comes to interior design panache, it’s hard to top Wolfgang Puck. The charismatic Austrian-born chef has created the ideal cooking space in his Spanish-style villa in Beverly Hills. Featuring a simple, white color scheme and plenty of storage, it offers the perfect

balance of elegance and practicality. Dominating the room is a center island featuring built-in wine racks and shelves. Meanwhile, glass-fronted cabinets house a host of items, including raw coffee beans from his mother-in-law’s home country of Ethiopia. The design is completed by a striking black floor.

Ina Garten


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Ina Garten is another well-known cook with a kitchen to die for. In her barn-inspired house in East Hampton, New York, the author and Barefoot Contessa host has created a large cooking and entertaining space that exudes style and sophistication. It features a sizable central island complete with a bar and high stools. In an unusual touch, she has positioned table lamps on top of her work surfaces to provide soft lighting. To give the room a chic, contemporary look, the appliances are hidden away behind cabinet doors. Meanwhile, for extra storage, she has created a separate pantry area with simple wire shelving.

The kitchen also benefits from beautiful exposed ceiling beams and a large dining space complete with a circular table. Perfect for cold winter evenings, the room has a cosy log fire too.

James Martin


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The cooking space of British chef and TV presenter James Martin is well worth checking out too. Boasting a large glass-fronted fridge, heavy duty chopping boards, open shelving, glass storage jars and a scattering of potted herbs, the kitchen contains elements of both the rustic and the contemporary. Giving the room added character, James has added a large feature clock to the back wall.

By taking a look at the design ideas of renowned chefs like these, you should find all the inspiration you need to create the perfect kitchen in your property.



My Kitchen Wishlist

It is no secret that cooking is not my strongest point. It’s not that I can’t actually cook anything, I have been known to do a roast, and my cheese pie is legendary, it’s just I don’t actually like cooking, despite the fact I would probably list eating amongst my hobbies. So, when it comes to my kitchen, I want gadgets and appliances that will help me to save time and can be multi functional.

The good news is there are lots of gadgets out there for cook-a-phobes like me. I couldn’t live without my microwave oven, late nights often see me heating up a M&S ready meal after missing dinner once again, but the next generation of combination microwaves are the ultimate in fresh and fast cooking. The flatbed microwave design are big enough to hold a casserole dish and have options to grill, steam and bake. In short, they not only cook all your food in half the time, but preserve its delicious flavour, vitamins and nutrients thanks to a revolutionary Turbo Steam technology. They also create space in your kitchen, you can put away the George Foreman and your steamer, and use your microwave instead.

Another amazing gaget is the Breakfast Master that you can currently find at Prezzybox. This combines a toaster and your egg preparation device, whether you want your eggs boiled, fried or poached. The toaster can change its dimensions in order to hold bagels, crumpets or bread. It is a nifty little gadget and would appeal to anyone who is fed up with cold toast with their eggs.

Spiralizers have been a big gadget story in recent times, as the quest for healthier eating and food choices have seen a twist on traditional pasta dishes. Courgetti, sweet potato and Butternut squash have all become popular and healthy alternatives to pasta, and prove that healthy doesn’t have to mean boring.

What items are on your kitchen wishlist for Autumn?


5 Kitchen Gadgets That Need To Be Found In Every Kitchen

Regardless of how much time you spend at work each day, you shouldn’t skip meals or eat unhealthily as this will affect your health in the future. However, you can spend less time in the kitchen and eat healthier if you choose some of the most useful kitchen gadgets that will not only make cooking easier, but also fun.

Most useful kitchen gadgets you should have

  1. Measuring cups and spoons

No matter what kind of food you choose to prepare, adding the proper amount of ingredients is crucial during cooking or baking, so measuring cups and spoons are essential for a precise measurement. These tools are usually made from polished stainless steel which makes them very durable. They come in many sizes and the spoons have long handles so that they can reach into jars easily. These measuring tools will also look great on any kitchen counter due to their modern design and polished finish. Moreover, they are easy to use and can be cleansed in the dishwasher.


  1. Electric salt and pepper mills

You can’t cook good food without salt and pepper as seasoning enhances the flavor of every dish, especially when they are freshly ground. For this, you can choose electric salt and pepper mills that work on batteries and start the grinding process when you invert them over the food. The mechanism stops once the mills are turned upright. Salt and pepper mills are durable, easy to use and can help you save time. Modern design ones are made from stainless steel with a satin finish which makes them suitable for every kitchen.


  1. Knife sharpener

A high quality knife sharpener is another kitchen gadget you must have because you will always need to cut and slice different foods. You can choose from manual and electric sharpeners, but the manual ones are usually more affordable and don’t require too much storage space. They are easy to use and will help you slice, cut and coat all types of food.

  1. Multiple-sided grater

Shredding foods is also an essential part of cooking a good meal, so a multiple-sided grater can easily become a valuable kitchen tool, as you will benefit from a fine grater for cheese and spices like cinnamon, an extra-fine grater for ginger, nutmeg and softer cheese, a medium grater for chocolate and small vegetables, and a large grater for large vegetable and cheeses. For fruits you should choose a fruit grater to zest citrus quickly.


  1. Flexible spatulas

Flexible spatulas can be made from silicone or stainless steel, and help remove foods without sticking or breaking them. They are heat resistant, durable, flexible and safe for nonstick cookware as they won’t scratch the surfaces. Spatulas have angled edges to help them glide beneath the food to avoid breakage. You can also use them to flip pancakes or turn over fish fillets and other delicate foods without damaging them. They have a handle that doesn’t slip and can be easily washed into the dishwasher.