Santa sends a letter from the Lapland Mailroom

By now your child has probably sat down to write a letter to Santa, highlighting all those fabulous presents that they hope to receive this year. They will probably have insisted that you post the letter – with or without a stamp. And now they are probably checking the post every day to see if there is a reply yet. It’s a very exciting time for children everywhere.

If you are a parent looking for a really lovely reply letter from Santa, take a look at the ones created in the Lapland Mailroom. Beautifully personalised, the letter from the Lapland Mailroom contain lots of clues that these come from the real Santa, like the name of your child’s best friend, a personal message about a special event or achievement in their life, and, of course, reference to some of the presents that your child really, really wants this year.


Along with the personalised letter,  Lapland Mailroom package that comes with an activity pack contains some added extras that your child will really love. These include a ‘Nice Child’ Certificate, and ‘Elf’ Yourself! Activity sheet, a Christmas Eve door hanger, a cut out and keep Christmas decoration, a colouring in Christmas card, and a Colouring in ‘Santa Stop Here! poster’. This pack costs just £8.45 and is something to do on the cold, winter days leading up to Christmas. The simple letter package comes with a free Nice Child certificate that usually costs £2.99. This package costs £7.95.


offer-exampleAll letters will be despatched from 5th December, leaving plenty of time to get your letters ordered and delivered.

As an aside, Joe received his letter last year and was totally enchanted by it, he truly believed that he Santa had read his letter and then replied to it. It was a lovely moment, and I just can’t wait to see his face this year when the latest correspondence arrives.


A Christmas letter from the Lapland Mailroom

My little boy Joe was unwell today and didn’t go to school. So whilst we were tucked up under blankets on the sofa, we thought this was an ideal opportunity for Joe to write his letter to Santa. Joe was really excited about this, he had been formulating a list for some time now, and he is also beginning to really enjoy writing too. We had picked up a Santa letter writing kit from The Works, and had a lovely time putting together sentences about ‘Star Wars’ toys and Playmobil Castles, and dragons.

Now, what Joe doesn’t know is that I already have a reply from Santa sitting in the dining room, just waiting to ‘drop’ onto the mat on December 1st. The beautiful, totally personal letter that I have is from the Lapland Mailroom, a company that I would recommend for anyone who wants their child to receive a lovely, unique and personalised letter this Christmas.

DSCN0031[1]Lapland Mailroom create beautiful letters that are personalised to include the child’s name, age and the address where Father Christmas will be delivering presents on Christmas Eve. What I really love though, and what makes them extra special, is that they also mention your child’s best friend and highlights the gift your child would most like to receive on Christmas morning.


There are four different letters to choose from, which means siblings can receive a different letter – a great touch I believe. The letters start from just £6.99, and currently you also receive a good child certificate that shows that your child has made it onto Santa’s present list for being a ‘good child’. (How cute is that!). There are also options for baby’s first letter from Santa, a lovely keepsake for new parents.


Joe has been sent a letter that also comes with some seasonal extras, these are:-

  • Elf Yourself! Activity sheet
    Cut out and keep Christmas decoration
    Colouring in Christmas card
    Colouring in ‘Santa Stop Here! poster’

DSCN0034[1]I think the package from the Lapland Mailroom is a magical part of Christmas, the letter looks like it could’ve traveled all the way from Lapland, and the paper used is great quality, making this something that children will love, and their parents will treasure.

To view all the choices of letter from the Lapland Mailroom, please click here to visit the site.