Thermafreeze perfect for Bank holiday picnics

As we edge ever closer to the final bank holiday of the year, thoughts will turn of how to spend that precious day off from work and school. A day at the beach, a trip to a theme park or just an afternoon spent in playing in your local park will all be an option, and one way of saving money is by taking a picnic lunch and your own drinks.

But, it has to be said that this is not always the most attractive option, especially if our day out involves a long car journey. Droopy, limp salad, hot sandwiches filled with melted cheese and butter, and warm soft drinks – none of this is very appealing if we are honest. But Thermafreeze may just be the answer to all our packed lunch problems.


Thermafreeze ice packs are a new and efficient alternative to traditional ice products. They can be used as lunchbox icepacks as they are certified as totally food safe by the American FDA. The Thermafreeze ice packs come in sheet form which you can buy in quantities ranging from 5 sheets for household use, to a roll for industrial purposes. You soak the sheet in water, dry, and then place them in your freezer, plastic side facing down. (You can find all the technical details here.) Leave them to freeze overnight and then they are ready to use.


What is great about the Thermafreeze sheets is that they can be cut to any size and shape. This means they can be shaped to fit any size lunchbox or bag, making them a great way to keep desserts and drinks cool during those bank holiday picnics. The sheets are also flexible, so there is no reason why you couldn’t use these in a cooler for your bottle or wine or even a bottle of fizz if you are aiming for a more grown up picnic. Add in the fact that the sheets can be reused, making them eco-friendly, and can also come in a range of cool and trendy prints, and you have a great product that is well worth having in your own.


There is one final use for the Thermafreeze strips that I think is brilliant. If you are using certain sorts of medication that need to be stored in the fridge, traveling can cause all sorts of problems. The thermafreeze can keep medications and creams cool while you travel, and can also be a great cold compress for sprains, migraines or even a heavy head due to a hangover. I would also wrap this around aftersun bottles to make them extra cooling.

The perfect Place for an Autumn Picnic

Summer is the season for picnics, but the fun doesn’t have to end then. There are so many lovely places that are perfect for a leisurely few hours away from the house, and with half term holidays just around the corner, now might be a good time to choose a spot for a yummy picnic in the great outdoors.

Vita Coca Kids are asking bloggers to write about their favourite picnic spots in the UK as part of a mission to keep picnicking going post Summer. They put together a fabulous picnic basket, complete with blankets, and lots of their new (and absolutely delicious ) fruit flavoured coconut water that are perfect for both big kids and little kids.


One of my favourite places for a picnic is the beautiful Formby Beach in Merseyside. This gorgeous, unspoilt stretch of beach complete with dunes, soft sand, and surrounding woodlands. The beach is owned by the National Trust and when I say it is unspoilt, I mean unspoilt. No shops, no donkey rides or fairground attractions and no deckchairs (unless you bring your own of course!). Instead you have miles of sand that is perfect for picnics and sandcastles, sand dunes which are the most fun to climb up and climb down, and sea puddles that you can splash around in.

formby 2

Formby 1


DSCN7435The wonderful thing about having a picnic on the beach is that the weather doesn’t have to be that great for you to have a good time. On the day pictured above it got a little drizzly and the wind was quite strong, but we had a great time paddling and rolling about in the sand, and the picnic tasted twice as good for being enjoyed in the great outdoors. Another fabulous thing about Formby Beach is that sometimes the tides reveal prehistoric mud layers, some of which contain human and animal footprints – you can have great fun looking for these.

Will you be having a picnic this Autumn? Where are your favourite places to take a picnic?

*This is an entry for the #VitaCocaKids #Vitapicnics challenge.