Power Rangers Dino Charge

Power Rangers continue to go from strength to strength with this summer seeing the launch of Power Rangers Dino Charge Toys from Bandai. Combining the power and the excitement of Power Rangers, with a range of favourite dinosaurs, you can safely say that Power Rangers and Bandai may already have Christmas all sewn up.

The undoubted star of the new range is Power Rangers Dino Charge Deluxe Megazord, a huge red, T-Rex style dinosaur that can then morph into a megazord. You do this by adding the two smaller dinosaurs that are included in this package, to the large red dinosaur to create a fearsome Megazord. If this sounds confusing you can see what I mean in the footage below.

The Dino Charge Megazord comes with a Dino charger that enables the Megazord to create a range of 25 different sounds and to shine lights. This is really easy to use – it fits easily into the Dino’s mouth – my six year old found this really easy to do and loved this option, and the fact that you can buy other chargers to extend just what your Megazord can do.  You can also extend the transformation to yourself by downloading the free Dino charger App that allows you to scan your charger collection to morph yourself (or maybe your child!) into their favourite rangers.


The Dino Megazord and smaller dinosaurs


Joe adds the dino charger to the Dino Megazord


The latest edition to the Power Rangers family gets a new TV series too. Starting at the end of this month (31st August), Power Rangers Dino Charge promises to show the new team of Power Rangers using their dinosaur spirit energy to good effect to save the world. You can find the new series on the Pop channel at 7.30am so set your TV reminders – your little ones will thank you for it.

*With thanks to Bandai for the preview of the newest toys – Joe was very excited!

Bandai Toys – More from the Power Rangers

Last year I wrote a review of some of the fab toys from the Power Rangers range that were enjoying a resurgence in popularity due to a new TV series. The review proved to be very popular and showed that since the 1990s, Power Rangers had never really disappeared from the hearts and minds of kids young, and not so young.

The lovely people at Bandai have recently sent Joe some more of the range for review. As a huge Power Rangers fan he was very excited to receive some of the role play items, as well as a couple of the action figures.


Power Rangers Megaforce Basic Ranger Training Set
Currently Joe is very into role play, and Power Rangers is one of the games that he enacts with his friends in the playground. So the Power Rangers Megaforce Basic Ranger Training Set was a brilliant choice for him. The set comprises of a Red Ranger mask,a Firing blaster with two Zord rounds,6 battle cards and a Card Holder Belt Buckle to store your cards in. The pieces all come in a strong, durable plastic that ensures that they can be subjected to rough and tumble games without falling apart. I also liked the fact that the firing blaster is both easy to use, and safe – the blaster doesn’t really blast but just gently pushes out. This is hours of fun for your little Power Ranger, but you may find it difficult to get them to remove the mask when you want to pop to the supermarket.

Power Rangers Megaforce Basic Ranger Training Set £17.29 click to visit Toys R Us

Power Rangers Megaforce Basic Ranger Training Set £17.29 click to visit Toys R Us




Power Rangers Megaforce Battle Gear Robo Morpher

This item is another from the role play range. I have to say I was a little unimpressed with this. It makes sounds and you can put the play cards into it, but it is really like a toy mobile phone as it doesn’t read the cards, and the sound is quite low in volume. That said, Joe liked it precisely because it did look like a mobile – that is exactly what he used it for, and it added to the basic training kit as another part of the Power Ranger uniform.

Power Rangers Megaforce Battle Gear Robo Morpher  £14.52 click to visit Amazon

Power Rangers Megaforce Battle Gear Robo Morpher £14.52 click to visit Amazon



Megaforce Action Figures Red and Black

Of course, no review of Power Rangers would be complete without a look at a couple of the pose-able action figures. Joe was sent the Megaforce Action figures in red and black. These are 10cms tall and are again in toughened plastic. The figures are totally articulated so children can easily put them into lots of different poses and positions when they are doing battle. The figures also come with accessories like swords, shields etc, and these are fairly easy to affix to the figures.



DSCN7542 Joe loves his Power Ranger figures and is getting a lot of pleasure from planning scenario’s and setting up battles. You can currently get three figures from Amazon for £19.82, click here to see the offer.

With thanks to Laura from Mischief PR and Bandai toys for the review opportunity.