A Dark Fairytale at Chi Chi London

Chi Chi London is always a great place to find fairytale dresses. Beautiful pastel colours, full 1950s style skirts, acres of lace and tulle, Chi Chi has dresses that you only dream of. But this season, it is turning to the dark side of the fairy story, just in time for Halloween. These are dresses and looks that are gothic, glamorous and dramatic.

Chi Chi Melanie Dress
£85.00 Click to visit Chi Chi London

Chi Chi Marlene Dress
£73.00 Click to visit Chi Chi London

Chi Chi describes the Dark Fairytale collection as bringing

‘…new edge to the classic Chi Chi look via daring cuts, darker shades and edgy accessories…’

All the usual Chi Chi elements of elegance and femininity are still there, the full skirts, the lace and ribbons, but these dresses have a more dangerous edge, you can imagine them being worn by the bad girl from the Fairy Story, they are more Wicked Queen (definitely channeling Angelina as Maleficent) than Snow White, and all the better for it.

Chi Chi Rana Dress
£68.00 Click to visit Chi Chi London

Chi Chi Cassie Dress
£85.00 Click to visit Chi Chi London

Not all the dresses are black. The Leticia dress is in mink and brings to mind the dishevelled Kinder Whore looks of Courtney Love, Amanda De Cadenet and Babes in Toyland in the early 1990s. Just add a plastic tiara and you are ready to go.

Chi Chi Letitia Dress
£70.00 Click to visit Chi Chi London

The collection also shows that Bardot styles show no sign of going away, as with the design of the exquisite Octavia and Maryam dresses. The Maryam, in particular, is so on trend for Autumn 2017 as it is in this season’s red shade, and will serve you well at parties right into the festive season, especially when teamed with the Chi Chi Manda heels.

Chi Chi Octavia Dress
£75.00 Click to visit Chi Chi London

Chi Chi Maryam Dress
£80.00 Click to visit Chi Chi London

Chi Chi Manda Heels
£34.00 Click to visit Chi Chi London

To view all the Chi Chi London Dark Fairytale Collection, click here.

Style focus – Marina Diamandis

The great thing about British pop music is that quirky style Queen’s always emerge to add extra visual  interest to those videos on heavy rotation on MTV. From punk Queens like Poly Styrene, to 80s legends Bananarama and more recent songstresses like Paloma Faith, Shingai Shoniwa, Amy Winehouse and Jessie J, British singers have shown a style and uniqueness that has made them quirky, unique and highly original.

The latest lady to add into the mix is Marina Diamandis, also known as Marina and the Diamonds. When Marina first emerged I found her style to be a little bit too garish, full of wacky prints and body skimming catsuits. But recently Marina has seen a style transformation that has made her a little bit prom queen, a little bit Sandra Dee and a little bit Marilyn Monroe. Gone are the dark locks, in comes peroxide waves (sometimes grey!), the catsuits have been replaced by lots of pink, pretty dresses and heels, sometimes worn with bobby socks.

The make up look  is strong too. Very dark, false eye lashes, facial decorations like diamonds and stars that resemble the sort of adornments worn by Marie Antoinette at the  court of Versailles. And lips of the palest of frosted pinks complete an overwhelmingly girlie look.

Marina’s look isn’t for everyone, but I really admire this unique and original look.