Winter Safety on Two Wheels

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This week we have been plunged into some seriously wintry weather, with some parts of the country having the first snow of the Winter, and temperatures making it feel decidedly bleak and cheerless. Mornings are now frosty, and this is all leading to our already busy roads turning treacherous, as the surfaces become slippy and the stopping distances increase. For those using the roads extra vigilance is needed, and non so more so than those who are traveling on two wheels, the cyclists and the motorcyclists.

Even though they only account for 1% of road users, motorcyclists account for 21% of all road deaths, with high numbers also suffering from personal injury. Cyclists are 17x more likely to be killed in a road accident than someone traveling by car. Winter makes using these forms of transport even more dangerous, as poor visibility, slippy road surfaces and inclement weather all leading to a rise in accidents. Unfortunately I have personal knowledge of this fact. A close family friend was very recently involved in an hit and run accident when riding his bike. He has suffered two broken legs and other injuries, with his bike completely destroyed in an accident that could so easily have cost him his life. The driver has, luckily, been apprehended thanks to the vigilance of other drivers on the road that day. They witnessed the accident and followed the driver, phoning the police who were able to arrest the driver. But the road to recovery is a long and slow one for my friend, and this story is all too common, happening every single day on Britain’s roads.

With Road Safety week due to take place week commencing 21st November, now seems an apt time to share a very useful infographic put together by Jefferies Solicitors, which gives all sorts of useful hints and tips on how you can keep yourself safe and sound if you are riding a motorbike or cycle this Winter. Looking at areas such as lights, maintenance and protective clothing, the infographic offers sound advice that may just save a life this Winter.