A guide to choosing a new sofa

It seems so simple to say you are going to get a new sofa. A simple matter of choosing something you like, ordering it and then sitting back and relaxing until it comes. Well, as someone who once made a mistake with the sofa that I ordered, and then had to cancel and choose again, I can say that it is not as easy as all that. There are things to consider to make sure the choice is one that suits your house, and suits your family, and will last you for some years.

Things to consider when choosing a sofa


When you choose a new sofa it needs to fit with the style of the room. If your house has a old-world feel you may want to go with something like a Chesterfield sofa, a classic design that suits living rooms with dark wood and vintage style elegance. More modern settings may suit slouchy leather styles, more relaxed and less structured in their design. If you choose a style that is out of touch with the rest of your room, this was be jarring and just won’t look right. You also need to think about the colours and fabrics that you opt for. Leather can look modern and minimalist, especially if chosen in a neutral shade or classic black. Fabric sofas can be perfect if your style is chintzy with a slightly vintage feel. Bright colours can make your sofa a focal point of your room, giving your room a theme, particularly if the rest of your decor style is minimal. If you love Art Deco style, which has certainly grown in popularity this year, look at a tan or an antique gold velvet sofa with legs for a retro look. Check out interior design magazines and Pinterest pages for inspiration.

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Who lives in your house?

The style of sofa and chairs you choose are definitely influenced by the people (and pets) who love in your house. Do you have children? Or pets? If the answer is yes to either of these questions, then white or cream fabric may not be the best choice for your sofa, frankly it won’t stay that colour for long. A new sofa has to be a practical choice too, and a wipe clean leather may work better with young children than something that will show every stain and spill. How much you spend on a sofa may be affected by whether you feel it will be a stop gap until your children get older, or an investment piece that should last for years. Another factor could be the actual size of the sofa, whether it is a two or three seater, whether you might opt for a corner sofa, or a pouf as an extra seating option. Your family must always be at the centre of your thoughts when choosing a new suite.

Size Matters.

But size is also important in other ways. When you choose your sofa you need to look at the dimensions of the room it is going to live in. Large sofa’s with corner units are great for big living rooms, but put these in a smaller room and the effect will be ruined and the room will look swamped.  Many three piece suites now come with two sofa’s – can your room take this much furniture? Will you be able to move around the room once the furniture is all in? Size really does matter when it comes to furniture, less is more and can make your room seem far more spacious than if you have literally shoe horned everything into a room.

Order A Sofa Swatch

Buying a new sofa is a big expense so you need to make sure your choice is right, especially if you are not planning to redecorate the whole of your living room. One way that you can test out your choice is to order a sofa swatch so you can test out how the fabric and colour will look with your current furniture. Most online stores allow you this option and this is a great way to check out your design ideas before you commit to buy. It may also help you to choose some accessories for your new sofa before it arrives.


When do you need it for?

Most sofa’s have to be ordered, and then there is a waiting period before it is delivered.  This is something you really need to remember if you need your sofa by a certain date. Many people order a new sofa in the Autumn that they want to be in place in time for Christmas, as this is a busier time of year it may pay to order earlier to avoid disappointment.

Do you have any tips for choosing a sofa? What is your preferred style of sofa – something traditional, or something with a more modern feel?


7 corner sofas guaranteed to give you furniture envy

Corner sofas first made their way into our homes in the 1970s. British people up and down the country were embracing the concept of open-plan living and relaxing the style of their living rooms. Corner sofas are perfect for this as they allow you and your loved ones to relax in style and comfort. If you’re thinking of upgrading your interior, furniture experts James & Rose take a closer peek at seven stunning corner models guaranteed to have you in the revamping mood.

  1. Marvellous mustard

We’ll dive straight in at the deep end with this delicious mustard yellow. It doesn’t get more statement or bold than this colour, which is very on trend and shows no signs of slowing down in popularity. In your living room, this sofa will definitely be the talking point of all your friends and family.

Source: wehkamp

  1. Modern beauty


In the Zara, style and practicality meet and work together perfectly. It’s bold, it’s beautiful and it’s incredible – isn’t that everything you want in a sofa? The strong lines of the seats and the armrests are the ultimate modern statement, but don’t worry because this creates the perfect contrast with the soft edges of cushions and throws which can be scattered for a warm and inviting effect.


Source: James & Rose

  1. Exquisite Italian


If you’re looking to add luxury to your living room then look no further. The matte wooden feet that raise the sofa off the ground are a small classic detail in a look that oozes contemporary style. Upholstered in stunning high quality leather with a traditional button cushion detail – the perfect finishing touches.


Source: Heal’s

  1. The graceful Chesterfield


This design takes the classic Chesterfield that has been around for hundreds of years, and elevates it to brand new heights – quite literally. It’s taller than the original design, standing proudly on elegantly carved legs, but you can still sink into the incredibly comfortable cushions which are so deep that you won’t ever want to stand up again.

Source: sofa.com

  1. The grand Chesterfield


We’ve seen a modern twist but now feast your eyes on the glorious design that is the Victoria. With the classic curved arms and deep buttoned detailing, this beauty will look right at home in any traditional interior. They say the classics never go out of style, and when it comes to the Chesterfield, they’d be absolutely right.


Source: James & Rose

  1. Contemporary curves


Now, we know what you’re thinking; corner sofas are meant to fit in corners, right? They’re angular and modern, but what if you could have something different? The Cristina puts a traditional twist – or curve – on the corner sofa you see most often. Rather than a right angle, it bends inwards at the centre for an incredibly elegant and spacious feel. Unique and dramatic – what more could you want?


Source: Sofology

  1. Rockin’ retro


If you like to incorporate a throwback into your interior, you can’t go wrong with this sofa. The Barbican from John Lewis looks like it was taken straight off the set of a beloved 70s TV show. A curved base, angular legs and delicate stitch detailing on the back, this gloriously simply design gives you an amazing level of comfort and support.

Source: John Lewis

How to Protect & Clean Leather Sofas

Leather sofas can be an incredible centre piece for your living room: they add an irresistible element of luxury to any environment. However, they also require specialist attention to retain their smooth and stylish shine. But taking care of leather sofas doesn’t have to be difficult. Follow our quick guide to keep your leather fresh.

Image Source: Fishpools

Image Source: Fishpools

Keep out of direct sunlight

Sunlight can cause leather to dry out and fade. To protect leather sofas, it’s best to position them away from the windows so they are not exposed to direct sunlight. Alternatively, cover them when not in use.

Wipe with a dry cloth

The best way to keep leather sofas clean is to wipe them regularly with a clean, dry cloth. Also make sure to clean up any spills quickly with a dry cloth to soak up the liquid, as prolonged contact with water or soap can leave stains and damage the leather.

Vacuum dust and debris

To remove the dust and debris that builds up in a leather sofa’s creases, use the hose setting on your vacuum cleaner to hoover them up.

Clean with water and vinegar

For a more thorough clean, create a cleaning solution with equal parts water and white vinegar, or a few drops of leather cleaner with water. Clean with a damp cloth and dry with a towel.

Apply leather conditioner

To prevent the leather from drying out and developing cracks, use a leather conditioner. Leather conditioners can be purchased from most furniture stores, and have a creamy consistency designed to be buffed into the leather. You can also make your own with one part white vinegar and two parts linseed or flaxseed oil.

How to clean stains

Mold & mildew

Clean the affected area with a solution of water and rubbing alcohol mixed in equal parts.

Pen stains

Rubbing alcohol can also be used to clean off ink stains. Dip a cotton pad into the rubbing alcohol and rub onto the stain. Eucalyptus oil is a great way to get off ballpoint pen marks, and aerosol hairspray can actually double as a permanent-marker stain remover.

Grease stains

Sprinkle baking soda on the area to absorb the oil, and dust it off after a few hours.

Dark stains

For dark stains on a light leather couch, rub then with a mixture of lemon juice and cream of tartar. Leave it for about 10 minutes, then wipe off with a damp sponge.